Why ReactJS Has Gained the Spotlight Amongst Developers

Why ReactJS Has Gained the Spotlight Amongst Developers

Most leading names and companies like PayPal, Netflix, and Instagram use React JS framework.

Why ReactJS Has Gained the Spotlight Amongst Developers? React is one of the most used open-source JavaScript frameworks that create dynamic web applications. Plus, it creates applications without minimal effort and coding. 

Most leading names and companies like PayPal, Netflix, and Instagram use React JS framework; they hire React JS developer for application development. 

The main objective of React is to develop user interfaces that also help to improve app speed. Additionally, React JS can render on the ever-using node. 

Developers can build native applications for mobile by using React-native. React JS is being used as a viable option today and is gaining tremendous popularity. 

Let’s understand Why ReactJS Has Gained the Spotlight Amongst Developers:

1. Allows the developers to reuse components

Why ReactJS Has Gained the Spotlight Amongst Developers

Reusing the components is perhaps the main reason for React JS gaining popularity. The developers can reuse the components developed for some other applications and share the same functionality. Using similar components helps a great deal in saving time and effort in developing the app. 

Besides, it helps to complete the project at a faster speed. Additionally, since React JS requires limited coding, there is a lesser chance of errors in the process. It increases the application speed, which again saves time. With the feature, you can enjoy more customer retention.  

2. Creating dynamic web applications is easier


Creating a dynamic application is a complex process. Earlier developers used strings of coding, which required a lot of effort. Thanks to React JS, creating dynamic web applications is much easier now. 

React JS makes use of JSX, which is a specified syntax that uses the HTML tags. The tags help to render sub-components – making the process easier. 

Moreover, it supports different machine-readable codes and mixes the components into different time-variable files. React JS helps to build the best UI for native applications for Android and iOS. Also, the design elements and patterns are similar to web applications. 

3. Enhances the performance due to virtual DOM

Why ReactJS Has Gained the Spotlight Amongst Developers

DOM or the Document Object Model is a cross-platform programming API that deals with XML and HTML like a tree structure. Here, each node represents a part of the document. When the DOM is updated, developers face performance and slow-down issues. 

However, React JS works on the virtual DOM model, which creates a virtual DOM and hosts it in its memory. Simply put, if there is a change in the actual DOM, there’ll be a change in the virtual DOM. 

Also, the DOM does not update frequently, which results in faster performance. The feature also improves the speed of the development process. 

4. Simple to learn

Why ReactJS Has Gained the Spotlight Amongst Developers

New developers face problems while learning new JS languages. And if there are complex terms, it wastes a lot of time. It isn’t the case with React JS. It is considered the simplest language compared to other frameworks available. You can get a complete insight and get familiar with all the features to develop different mobile and web applications. 

Though it is not fully featured, it has an advantage of an open-source JavaScript library, making it simple to learn. Plus, the GUI helps to execute the tasks in a better way. Additionally, it is also known as the V in the MVC model pattern, so it is easy to master the language in no time. 

5. Has JavaScript library 

ReactJS Has JavaScript Library

One of the prime reasons – why React JS has gained popularity is because it has a rich JavaScript library. It provides flexibility to the new app developers as they can freely choose the way they want to. Although social platform Facebook has its own set of rules regarding React JS framework for its developers. 

But the rules are not rigid and can be tweaked according to the development and deployment process. Also, developers can employ their patterns or templates while developing web applications. 

6. Known to be SEO friendly 

Most JavaScript frameworks do not have SEO support, and hence they are not preferred by new developers. But this isn’t the case with React JS. React JS is SEO friendly and can be rendered – rightly so that Google can crawl the applications to feature them in search results. 

Additionally, developers can develop a simple UI that navigates effortlessly on various search engines. A website needs to be SEO-friendly in today’s digital age. If there is no visibility, the website and applications may not be accepted. Also, you have the advantage to hire a React SEO expert for building SEO-friendly sites. 

7. Helps to build better mobile applications

React Native

One feature that differentiates React JS framework and other frameworks is – React native feature. With the help of the React-native feature, developers can build scalable mobile applications. Besides, it helps build a rich UI on both Android and iOS platforms. 

The user interface is a core part of mobile applications. If the interface is not appealing enough, users will uninstall the applications. New developers can build dynamic mobile applications with React JS. Also, with React, you can use the code anywhere, which saves time. 

8. Support of tools 

Developer tools are always handy as the tools help a developer develop rich and scalable applications. However, the availability of developer tools depends on the framework and JavaScript language. 

Any component can be found online and also analyzed easily. Besides, developers can select individual parts to analyze and use them accordingly. Github also provides many tools, which you can use for development purposes. Plus, tools support can help in building dynamic web applications. 

9. Increased community base

With the latest updates and features, there has been a rapid increase in the community base of React JS. Community support can help new developers search the library for any tasks. 

React JS framework has dedicated blogs and websites, where you access thousands of articles on how to use the framework. For instance, if you are searching for NPM, you’ll find many packages to work on React JS. Additionally, Facebook provides extended support if you face issues. 

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Wrapping up, 

With React JS, developers can build engaging and dynamic applications. That’s the reason any ReactJS development company strives to give the best results and thus the framework has gained immense popularity over time. Additionally, the framework allows you to break down single-page applications with lesser coding. 

React JS is SEO friendly and can develop large-scale applications. With so many benefits, React JS has gained the spotlight.  


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