Some amazing facts of SEO for any website

Some amazing facts of SEO for any website

SEO is a major concern for any web portal since this is not about traffic alone.

It also reflects website’s strength and authority in the global digital index.

Some amazing facts of SEO for any website. The purpose of this topic is help anyone gain a good website authority, relevance and get to the top of search engines. Well, this is easy if you go through the minute details and work a bit on your website. However, one needs to know that it’s not very simple. Everyday, millions of websites are competing each other to put themselves on top in terms of viewership. Whether its a news blog or an established news portal, an e-commerce company, a lifestyle and entertainment sharing portal or one of the many services focusing websites. Everyone of putting effort to come on the top of search engines, get organic traffic and achieve highest optimization for the websites.

However, it’s not that simple to get on the top with a few clicks. One has to follow a long consistent path to achieve this. There are a few steps which definitely help you get on the top. But, they should also be carefully planned. This is due to the reason that any black hat approach can put you down for months without any fault.

Basics of SEO for any Website

And there are basics of it. You don’t need to be a subject expert to understand the SEO process. It is pretty simple. However, you need to develop technical understanding of the subject in order to move further. The basics of SEO are very clear. It involves several factors that we are following in our lives. However, we do not understand it technically. So, there are a number of factors which are affecting your SEO. And therefore, you need to understand those before moving ahead.

So, let us put it this way. The process of SEO actually starts before the making of website. It is about what do we need to know before we are launching any website. What is the purpose of our website? Are we clear on the objectives? Do we want it to share information or provide any services? Well, these answer your SEO questions by themselves. Now comes the next step. You are looking for a domain name. And you definitely want a relative name for your domain as this is your identity for the future.

Next Step: you choose one of the best hosting services for your website. Well, we have also changed our hosting provider a few times. And the sole reason was we wanted to get the best best website access for our readers. Currently, we use a service which has several data centers spread across the world and this has definitely put our site on a good loading speed.

The next step relates to your design aspect. No one likes to look at a poorly put design structure which will not attract the users. Just imagine, if you’re going through an understandable, easy to use and scroll website structure. Wouldn’t you like to move further within the website? And, trust me, the search engines are noticing it. They’re able to recognize that the users of this site are following different pages within the site. This is mainly known as User Experience. To put it in simple words, the search engines focus on the best user experience for the visitors.

SEO for Beginners

So, once you cross these segments. There comes the next step. If you’re a beginner, you may be interested to read SEO for Beginners in 2021: All You Need to Know. This would actually help you understand the concepts of SEO. However, the term SEO is quite huge in its meaningfulness. It refers to multiple factors of a website’s strength and authority. Now, we move forward with our further SEO steps. The key aspects for SEO include:

  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Technical SEO

And, we’ll give you a brief glimpse into these concepts. It is important to understand these concepts to adopt a better approach. Firstly, the On-Page SEO refers to your SEO actions within your website. This refers to internal links, provide ALT text on images, properly linking your content and overall website management. We also consider aspects such as load speed, image pixels and other similar factors as part of On-Page SEO.

The Off-Page SEO mainly refers to the quality and quantity of backlinks to your website or any page. This directly impacts your site’s strength and increases the authority of your page for different search engines. Now, let us put this way. What will you choose to decide for your travel planning. If you’re looking for renting an apartment space, you’d like the best and cheapest results coming up. So, if AirBnB or is giving you a backlink. It means that this is authoritative. And thus, you should be ranking for the words with backlinks on these sites. Similarly, if Moz or Ahrefs links you for your authority on SEO, it reflects your ability to be trustworthy. And search engines also work the same way. They’re looking for the top results for their users. And they know this through these backlinks.

Link Building for SEO

The Off-Page SEO is imperative to increase your website’s visibility and trustworthiness. This 10 Link Building Strategies that Actually Work may be helpful to understand the link building process.

The next step is the Technical SEO. If you’re missing on this, you’re actually missing everything. Now, imagine you’ve a web page referring to something very important. But, its meta description or linking is not properly done. So, you’re definitely missing the opportunity here. You need to resolve all the technical issues of your website through technical SEO.

One step that’s necessary in between is the usage of right keywords. This is easily possible through the Keyword Research. You need to use the right keywords for search engines to rank you. There are several ways to do this. However, using Google Trends may be very helpful in putting up what you want. It provides you on exact data of search queries and the trends. Yet, you must be aware that it’s not easy to rank for high difficulty keywords. Thus, you should adopt an approach of using low competition keywords for your website. It will definitely help you rank in the proper manner. and that too, fast. Here are the Best Tips to Get Low-Competition Keywords for your keyword usage.

Can you do SEO yourself?

The answer to it is simply YES. Anyone can do the on-page, off-page and technical SEO by themselves. However, you need to adopt a proper approach, follow some tools and take corrective measures. Now, let me put it this way. One can learn anything from different websites includes guides, YouTube videos, etc. So, we will guide you on the tools to follow for your SEO. And, you can do this all by yourself.

Whatever website structure you’re using, you need to include a few plug-ins for your website. Most of them are free. For instance, check out the Yoast plug-in for SEO. You’ve options of premium, news, e-commerce plug-ins separately or all of them. Most of your SEO work will be done by the Yoast. However, you need to follow the recommendations and guidelines. The next step is to install Google Site Kit on your website. This allows you to check your authentic search volumes, clicks and ranking keywords.

Moreover, the analytics report helps you understand your site in a more better way. Once you’re done with this, simply make your free accounts on Ahrefs, Moz, Semrush and SEOProfiler. These sites help you with your site issues, site health, on-page and off-page issues. Moreover, they will provide you with reports on broken links, all types of errors and recommendations for making your SEO better.

If you follow their advice, you’ll easily be able to come up on Google E-A-T. It simply refers to Expertise, Authority, and Trust. This way, you’re already gaining success in achieving your objectives. And then comes the later steps of increasing your site’s strength in front of the search engines. So, what is the next step.

Digital Marketing for SEO

You’re done with all the usual SEO activities and your site is live with good performance. The next step follows the digital marketing strategy. And here you can follow the 10 Tips to Optimize Digital Marketing Strategy. These tips will help you achieve the basic steps of digital marketing. Once you’re done with tis, you need to understand another measurable concept of digital marketing. For this you need to know How to Create a Result-Oriented Digital Marketing Campaign? Following these guidelines will now put your site on one of the searchable places in the entire digital landscape.

Yet, you also need to do a little more. You must adopt an approach of reaching different users through wide-ranging platforms. These include Quora, Pinterest, Twitter and other social media tools. As your readers click the links on these portals, they are sending a message to the search engines. And what’s the message? It is simple: This site or page is having the information that the user wants to read and it is interesting enough that the search engines should showcase them on other search queries.

These are Some amazing facts of SEO for any website. We hope that it would be helpful for you. Keep following our pages on versatile factual information on literally anything.


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