Why Pakistani actors feel left out after the success of Ertuğrul?

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Ertuğrul is a Turkish TV series based on Islamic history in 1200 AD.

Its name Ertuğrul is in fact the name of Islamic hero Ertuğrul Gazi. He was the son of Suleiman Shah of Seljuk state.

Why Pakistani actors feel left out after the success of Ertuğrul? Prime Minister Imran Khan always praises this TV series and recommends to watch it.

However, it was premiering on Netflix so only those could watch who has the subscription to it. Keep in view, PM Khan gave the task to Pakistan Television (PTV) to translate it in Urdu and start its premier on PTV. Moreover, government choose PTV as it is State-owned institution and has reach across the country.

Then, after airing of Ertuğrul on PTV, a large number of people start watching it. Moreover, it also benefits PTV in the way viewership of PTV is risen up to 90%. The number of the subscribers on YouTube also increase in days.

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Pakistani Actors

On the other hand, it brings a feeling of left out for Pakistani actors. Many actors are now against the airing of Turkish show on state TV.

The Film Actor Shan Shahid criticized the government for airing Turkish show. He writes in reply to his message on twitter, “Try to find our own history and its hero”.

Furthermore, he writes about veteran actors like Abdul Qavi, Rahat Qazmi, and others. “These are the heroes of our nation, their stories must be told. And there are so many more that our history has not forgotten but the people have. We need to transfer our pride to our children our stories our successes,”

It seems difficult to understand for Shan that Ertuğrul is not the story of any TV actor. Rather, he is an Islamic hero. Shan also has to face criticism for his grudges about the Turkish series.

Likewise, Reema Khan, one of his co-actor in most of his work seconds Shan’s verdict. She says, “Shan is right, we should promote our actors”.

Similarly, film actor Humayun Saaed opposes the series. He says, “if such serials start running as regularly, then there will be no audience for Pakistani content”.

Moreover, Actor Yasir Hussain who is famous for his bad and inhumane jokes says on Instagram, “PTV ko chaye hai kay woh eik tareekhi drama banaye aur apnay artists aur technicians ko use karey. Woh artist jo tax detey hein aur qabliat rakhtey hein. (PTV should develop a historic TV show and use local artists and technicians. Those artists that give tax and have talent)”.

Furthermore, he provokes his fans by his post. He says “what if your brother loses job from the bank, sister from school and father from office. And replace by Turks, what will you do?”

By writing such words, these actors find themselves in hot water and arrows from all sides. Very few of their fans support them and stand beside them.

Turks Actors Response

On the other hand, Turkish actors are humbled by love from Pakistan. They thanked their Pakistani fans for love and watching their series.

Turkish actor Engin Altan Duzyatan who performs the iconic role Ertuğrul extends gratitude to his Pakistani fan base for their love and support saying he loves Pakistan.

Ertuğrul also express his desire to visit Pakistan and meet his fans, saying “I hope I can come to meet all of you one day.”

Ertuğrul also express his desire to visit Pakistan

Earlier, Esra Bilgic, who appears as Halime Sultan, says “I’m waiting excitedly to meet you all in Pakistan after this period. Take good care of yourselves. Stay in peace and health.”

Esra Bilgic

Likewise, Turkish Actress Gulsim Ali, who appears as Aslihan Hatun in the third edition of Ertuğrul, turns to Instagram and extends gratitude to the Pakistani fans for their love. She writes, “Hello Pakistani fans! How thoughtful of you! Thanks a million for your supporting messages and kindly comments. Your precious compliments make me very happy”.

She further says, “I’ve never been in Pakistan before but I hope one day I’ll be there to meet with you after this pandemic period. Till that day take good care of yourselves. Stay in peace and health.”

Altogether, this TV series brings the two nations (Pak-Turk) more closer within a short span of time. Although, the Pakistani actors show jealousy for the TV series and take it as a direct hit on their jobs but that’s not true. Not at all!

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In fact, they face huge criticism on social media by fans in the way most of them say their work is not appreciatable and they are promoting vulgarity. Many questions are raised why our actors were quite when India humiliate our singers and actors by deporting them to Pakistan? They were willing to work in India even then.

Plus the most important stuff. Does showing India dramas and movies help Pakistani artists? Most of them are silent when Indian material is on display on our screens.


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