Top 10 Free Games to Waste Your Time On

Top 10 Free Games to Waste Your Time On

It is interesting how a silly game turns into hours of non-stop playtime.

Top 10 Free Games to Waste Your Time On. With mobiles and PC being used in place of each other, it is not possible to play almost all the games out there on either of your devices. For many gaming enthusiasts, playing and streaming games on new devices are the priority to enjoy the new experiences. We all have different motives behind playing a game. Some of us lie about the rush we get from these games to start our minds, while many of us just play for killing time for instance during commutes or waiting for an appointment. It is interesting how a silly game turns into hours of non-stop playtime.

But gaming doesn’t always have to be an expensive hobby or require only an X-box. While you can cash on the free coupons, giveaways, or holiday discounts, you can take a look below for a list of games that will be easy on your pocket.

1. Fortnight Battle Royale

We are pretty much sure you have at least heard about this game once from your co-workers, friends, or family. But we had to include this one in our list. Without a doubt, the game has reached a record level of popularity among the gamers out there. The best part is that it carries little to no cost to play it. This game is of multi-player shooter type that features 100 players all air -dropped to a location with a map to find ammunition and guns.

You have to survive while you are on a mission to find them and have to be the last man standing to win. The game begins on a map that begins to shrink gradually thus bringing the players closer and harder to survive. Since the game was launched, the developers have been updating it frequently to bring more creative modes to it and bring new maps for the players.

2. Warframe

Warframe is an online third-person co-op looter shooter sci-fi game with shares similar features with The Division and Destiny. The game allows you to customize the main character to fit into a role in combat, teaming up with other players in other classes to fight together in the game’s toughest challenges. The players are given story missions and a stream of continuously reoccurring content to help you in finding the currencies you need to upgrade your weapons and class. It is different from the pack as it has different movement abilities. Each class is a techno ninja with moves to prove, this is what differs one class from the other. You will find yourself moving through the air, wall-running, and making aggressive use of your weapons.

3. Dota 2

Dota 2 has undisputedly become the most dominant multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) in the domain of real-time strategy games. There are two times when have to push against each other’s defenses and have to cause enough damage to the opponent team’s home base. Each character is designed for a specific role (attacking, healing, stunning the enemies, or even defending their team) that in turn results in claiming the rewards and bonuses spread across the entire game map. The learning curve can be a bit challenging. The best part is that you can get access to the full set of characters. You can make in-game purchases for getting access to cosmetic features like various costumes or weaponry. 

4. League of Legends

Being very close to Dot 2 in terms of popularity, this game is more lie supersedes the release of Dot 2 with a little bit of complicated history.  This is a classic example of how MOBA can be tackled differently each game has its themes even by using one main game line. League of Legends is not a very technical game and anyone interested in exploring MOBA can play it easily. In contrast to Dota 2, League gives you weekly access to a rotating pattern of five characters with an option to buy or even earn 138 remaining characters. The play of all characters is similar to that of Dota 2 with classic similarities in the given map. The town teams fight in one location using random characters. Access to the internet is essential for those who play games. Because of this, you’ll want to ensure that your connection is reliable and has a steady cost so you aren’t stung by unexpected price hikes. Internet plans like gig for life provide customers with superfast fiber internet at the same price each month.

5. Asphalt 8: Airborne

If you are a driving game lover, Asphalt 8 is just the right pick for you. with exceptional graphics can vehicle choices this makes the play very interesting for its users. The game involves a pretty intense driving experience of the classic arcade games series to more thrilling adventures that are just bigger and faster. Its realistic look, high-speed, dynamic graphics, and excellent recording of car motor sounds make the game experience altogether real and worth playing. The players can select from 47 high-performance sports cars and hit the roads, doing a complete 360-degree jump.

6. Call of Duty

The popularity of Call of Duty has been phenomenal resulting in many sequels and expansions Call of Duty II and Call of Duty: Finest Hour. The game is an advanced version of the first-person shooter genre. Moreover, the game has won many awards since its debut in 2003. The game is designed by the American company Infinity Ward.  Call of Duty is based on the World War II setting allowing players to experience the war from the view of American, British, and Soviet soldiers. The game is largely based on Single-player missions with a multi-player setting. The game can be played as a single-player or in a multi-player setting. In the single-player setting, the players fight against computer avatars to bring the actual war setting to life.

7. Apex Legends

Apex Legend is a smoother version of Battle Royale. The game has been released by a team that earlier released Titanfall 2. Apex Legends is modeled on top of Respawn Entertainment’s shooter chops. The game has a modernized approach with much lower downtime. And a smart respawn system for bringing back the fallen squadmates. The lineup of heroes is also interesting for the players. Each possesses the ability to set each character apart from the other while keeping the focus on gunplay.

8. Final Fantasy

Whether you are a fan of great story-telling or just a fan of the former Final Fantasy series, you need to check on the Final Fantasy 14. However, the entire game and its features are not free to access, but it allows both users, paid or unpaid, to experience an immersing experience. You can also experience the game with minimal restrictions with the free trails of the game. This requires no time limit or subscription limit, allowing users to spend as much time as they want to. You shouldn’t feel guilty if you reach out to subscribe to the game due to its amazing graphics and storyline.

9. Counter-Strike: GO

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has been around the players for a long time now but it went free for the players only recently. Danger Zone was introduced around the same time it ripped off its price tag. Danger Zone is a Battle-Royale-inspired game that sets in motion 18 players against each other in an open map setting. Even if you decide to play it for free, it offers many core competitive features that don’t ruin the fun of the game entirely. You can enjoy the shooting action for which Counter-Strike is famous. Fighting features allow knives and guns to fight a much more and more too it is all free as long as you can fight the temptation to get more features by buying the weapon skins.

10. Eve: Online

Eve: Online is a space-based massively multi-player role-playing game that is paid online. It provides a space where players can opt for their own path from various different options. CCP released an immersive and highly-engaging space MMO, not to mention free, game naming it Eve: Online, thanks to its “alpha clones”. It is an unlimited and free gaming source feature also in the likes of World of Warcraft, giving you access to mining, piracy, combat, and exploring. But it does keep its important features locked behind paying a monthly fee. But a lot of content is available in front of the paywall.

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Free Games

While gaming is subjective to one’s interests and preferences, still many features make games either good or bad. But let’s admit it we all like to indulge in free games from time to time.

Wait time to upgrade kills the whole gaming mood however these are minimal prices we have to pay to enjoy a free game. The storyline and graphics are equally important in terms of a game’s successful among the players. The dollars you save to buy purchasing rights for a game can be spent on buying a great device to play it on and speakers to boost the experience. Many of the above stated games have a mobile version as well. That means you can continue to enjoy your favorite game on your cell phone on the go.

There are many addictive games, we have listed down some of them that you can play for free. Good luck in trying to get anything else done. Top 10 Free Games to Waste Your Time On.


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