10 Tips for Brands to Make it Big with Pinterest

Pinterest Marketing

Many products on Pinterest are already using their massive marketing and growth potential. There are numerous tips for Brands to make it big with Pinterest. The best marks in Pinterest are informative about how they publish, by developing engaging boards for groups, sharing motivational content, and optimising pins for driving sales and traffic!

Every month, more than 367M+ users look for and share inspiration on Pinterest — a large, committed audience with real procurement ability!

Pinterest provides many opportunities to extend your scope and meet your audience and comes in many unique ways.

While it is part of social media marketing, Pinterest has its special notes and best practices that make it a very fun and enjoyable place for network users to explore, validate and add value.

How to Use Pinterest as a business?

Pinterest can be an extremely effective tool for your company with the right approach.

You can create a strong community that deals with your content, promote brand recognition, clicks and eventually sales of products.

However, what distinguishes Pinterest from other social networks? And why should the company spend time and money in marketing for Pinterest?

Let’s just jump on why marketing from Pinterest is such a strong advantage for your brand.

Tips for Brands to Make it Big with Pinterest

Take advantage of your marketing efforts with Pinterest by following these 10 tips.

  1. Pin and Space the pins more frequently

Indeed the best adjustment we have made to the late involvement of Pinterest is to pin more often. It was once or twice a day that we went to pin 10 times a day. Thus, 150% more participation in Pinterest was demonstrated in the study.

It is necessary to prepare in advance that has made things for us infinitely simpler. We will find and discover great content to share with our friends from Pinterest and put it on the agenda to spacing it out over a few days. This helps to share Pinterest content in a consistent amount.

This is incredibly useful to your community to differentiate your pins. These pins will arrive on Pinterest with a grouped schedule overtime, instead of people who see 10 pins in a series from us about social media tips, to prevent explosions of content.

2. Install the Pinterest Save Button on your Website

Make it simple, by installing the Pinterest Save button on the website, to enter your content directly from your blog. The more users use the Save button, the greater the content Pinterest can bring to you.  Pinterest improved the advertising platform. A conversion optimisation ad option has recently been introduced that allows brands to monitor visitor action after viewing Pinterest advertising.

3. Apply for Rich Pins

Rich pins are free of charge to add details and information about the pins themselves. Think of them as open graphics on Twitter or Facebook. The pinning experience has been developed to improve pinners and to be more useful to those who are pinned.

Five types of rich pins are available:

The headline, author, story and link are included in the article pins.

The Product pins provide real-time pricing, availability and location for purchase

Recipe pins involve the ingredients, the cooking times and details on the operation.

Movie pins comprise ratings, cast members and reviews

Place pins contain an address, phone number and map

For validated pages, rich pins appear. Validation does not immediately take place. After confirming that all the correct code is in place, you can apply for rich pins on your website.

Pinterest for Business

4. Create Images of the Right Size

In its videos and downloads, Pinterest’s business blog shares many excellent ideas and tips. Here’s one that’s incredibly fascinating and workable. The easiest thing is to do vertical pins. In Pinterest pictures, the best aspect ratio is 2:3 or 1:3.5, with a minimum width of 600 pixels. When vertically focused, pins look best. If you have more than 1:3.5, the pins will be cut off in the feeds so make sure that the image is not too high.

5. Upload the Catalogue of Your Products

Pinterest allows brands to upload to the site their complete catalogue. All of the products are transformed into dynamic product pins. And these dynamic product pins connect to the automatic ‘Shop Look’ pins if you advertise on Pinterest, and convert their goods into dynamically produced Product pins.

6. Nail Your Brands Images

Remove your membership to any websites on the stock of photography.  Users of Pinterest want personalised photos exclusive to your brand.

Almost 85% of Pinterest searches occur on mobile devices. That means you would like high-quality, high-look pictures. The best ratios between 2:3 and 1:3.5 (width to height) with a minimum width of 600 pixels are defined by Pinterest. See the following Goal.

Complete the picture naturally with your logo and product. Using your logo or watermark in your photos keeps you exposed while preserving a nice, less evident brand picture.

Pinterest Marketing

7. Write a More Concise Summary – Abundant in Keywords

The Pinterest Team shares five keys for the explanations of their pins which it considered most useful.

Helpful information.


All right to be a few phrases long.

A good feeling.

Submit something to the reader. Share the following steps and add a connection for somewhere useful if an action can be taken.

If your definition only shows about 75-100 characters in the grid view, you can add 500 characters and all of them appear when people click on it to see the Near-Up Pin. More characters usually mean more valuable knowledge and additional chances to appear in the results of the quest.

8. Hold your SEO Up

With keywords that the Pinterest algorithm can search, your profile should be optimised. If you are an indie beauty business, please include it in your brand and organic name. You can also take advantage of the individual details of the pin and board and have a helpful account of the users when you click on the pin. This marketing technique helps to improve product and brand engagement.

Brands Make it Big with Pinterest

9. Scheduled Content

Often hold your posts 2 weeks in advance by programming materials. Find out the right amount for your brand, beginning with a few pins a week and slowly working – it’s always better to add pins at once than constantly.

Be careful that you can enjoy the benefits of any holiday by developing seasonal boards and content for your brand. Pinterest suggests saving pins as early as 30-45 days, with activity the ever closer to the holiday.

10. Create Text-including Pins

Many of the pins on Pinterest have a text overlay over the picture—a title or summary that references the entire article or pin. You can again use software like Photoshop or Gimp or online resources like Canva to create anything with an overlay of text. Most photos we post include text — infographics, blogs, book covers, etc.

Final Word

The opportunities for Pinterest marketing are infinite. And this is exactly what your brand should aim to develop your marketing plan for a site that is based on imagination, individuality and engaging content. After all, 70% of Pinterest users are saying they are discovering the latest items on the website.


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