These websites pay you for writing on your favorite topic!

These websites pay you for writing on your favorite topic!

If you’re an expert you can earn upwards of $500 for a single piece.

These websites pay you for writing on your favorite topic! Yes, and if you’re an expert you can earn upwards of $500 for a single piece. These are the best websites providing opportunities to freelance writers. You can literally earn money while working from your home and doing other chores as usual.

We are sharing this list to let you get details of different opportunities for writers from home. What you’ve to do is pretty simple. You need to connect with the administrators and pitch your article. On approval, you write the piece from comfort of your home, or wherever you are.

Moreover, this is quite an interesting opportunity for digital nomads who want to pursue their other interests or roam around the world and earn while they are on something else.

It is important to work at your craft and apply to opportunities. Enhancing your skills as a writer that can earn money, can be a great source of bread and butter. You can set your demand price as your writing experience grows.

If you want to earn money online by writing, here are the top websites that will pay you for writing articles. You can earn more than $500 with a single project.

1. Wow Women: $50–100

Are you a woman? Wow Women is must go-to website for you. Well, this site is exclusively designed to promote women’s issues. They encourage women from all backgrounds to write for them since they have a global audience. It focuses on innovative business, freelancing, and training. The articles can help writers improve their skills and showcase their work.

Be sure to submit unique and non-plagiarized content. It will pay $150 for 3,000 words of articles.

The website focuses on the feminine theme monthly. Don’t send a direct attachment but send a bio or links to your best articles.

2. Strong Whispers: $50-$150

This is an amazing generic website and allows the writers to share amazing pieces on literally anything. Strong Whispers takes articles about lifestyle, environment, social issues, and much more. It can range from greed to education changes, leadership styles, and how people can change decision-making and exploitation of resources.

The website will pay you $50–150 for 2–3 guest posts per article. Send them your best article with a killer outline. Make it unique and creative. The article should be original, well-written, accurate, and grammatically correct. Or you may lose your chance to get editorial vote.

3. Linkable: $50-$750

Linkable is another amazing website to write and connect with your audience while earning a hefty amount. It is a great website to get clients and reach industries. This website welcomes writers that can write for business, how to increase traffic, and earning online methods.

Founded by Jay Douglas, this website invites writers from niches like business, tech, sports, health, retail, and finance. To apply, create an author account in your areas of expertise. Browse writing jobs, if you get selected, then you can write, publish, and get paid. Carefully read submission guidelines and make sure there are no grammatical mistakes.

4. $100-$200

What is your niche? Do you like to make people laugh? Cracked is the best website for funny or humor writers. It also pays extra cash for article writing.

The website content includes photoshoots, infographics, articles, and videos. You will submit an article along with five subtopics. You will get paid $100 per article. If you get selected for five topics, you will get $200 per article. If you get selected in the top ten published articles, you will get a bonus. How amazing is that!

You can also take part in photoshoot competitions if you have an interest in photography. Or you can take part in a T-shirt design competition or you will get $100 for featured infographics on their website.

5. Watch Culture: $25-$500

As the name suggests, this website offers news, opinions, and events coverage to millions of people. Every day many writers earn by writing about films, music, gaming, sports, television, and much more for a five million audience. They posted several articles from contributors of the biggest news companies like Sky News, Radio BBC, Metro Radio, and Dublin FM. Some writers have also earned $700 in the test phase from just one article. It depends on how many views you will get from the audience.

6. Developer Tutorials: $30-$50

Well, if you’re a programmer or developer and writing interests you. is the most useful website for you to earn some extra bucks. This website provides programming and design guidelines to its users. This website can be very useful if you are an expert in the tech field. For instance, you can write an article on 30 Cool Web Tools to Make Your Development Easier.

They pay a really good amount for tutorials and listicles. You will get $30-$50 for published articles.

7. Michelle Pippin: $50–150

Are you someone who likes to write on issues related to businesses. The website especially focuses small businesses. This website requires writers in business niches to help small businesses increase their profits.

It provides high-quality business and marketing content to its readers. Moreover, Michelle Pippin focuses on women in business, articles on entrepreneurs, marketing, case studies, and top news in the business world.

You need to publish 800 words, of original and well-written articles for the site. If your work gets selected, you cannot republish it on any other website.

8. Metro Parent:$50–200$

Metro Parent is open to experienced freelance writers to publish interesting stories for local parents. They are looking for stories that cover their communities. For instance, Oakland, Michigan, and Wayne.

You will get $200 plus for publishing an article of 1,000–2,500 words. For a short article of 150–400 words, you will get 50$ on topics like local family, trends, and tips. And, for a child development tips article of 600 words, you will get $50. For a perspective essay of 600 words from a local parent, you will get $75.

The font should be New Roman and it should be in a Microsoft Word document. If your work gets selected, then send them an invoice with your address, cell no, social security number, name of the story, and payment amount.

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These websites pay you for writing on your favorite topic! Happy Earning! 


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