These are the 10 most successful start-ups in Pakistan

These are the 10 most successful start-ups in Pakistan

The Tech revolution has filled many gaps in helping start-ups to be successful

These are the 10 most successful start-ups in Pakistan. Unemployment has been a pressing issue since the inception of this country. The economy as a whole has suffered a lot due to the political instability and investors’ fear regarding investing in the country. But despite all this uncertainty, Pakistan has untapped potential that is still looking for a launching pad of investment and a little trust to get the much-needed kickstart. The Tech revolution has filled many gaps in helping start-ups to be successful. Fortunately, start-ups are pretty successful due to a creative and productive idea behind them.

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Let’s take a look at Pakistan’s 10 most successful start-ups so far:


Logo of Daraz

Daraz. pk has been Pakistan’s most successful start-up to date. E-commerce developed to become a giant in the domain. Additionally, Daraz provides a wide range of fashion, household, electronics, accessories, in a nutshell, every product that you need.


Logo of is Pakistan’s biggest and by far most successful job portal. Companies list their jobs on the portal and job seekers easily apply to them with just a click, once they have created or uploaded their resume on the portal.


Logo of is hands down Pakistan’s top Real Estate portal website. The website provides support and online service to buyers and sellers.


Logo of is an initiative of the government to promote online skills learning to increase employment and freelancing opportunities. Moreover, through government has collated with experts to teach students the skills like graphics designing, content writing, etc.

5) Patari

Logo of Patari

Patari has become Pakistan’s most popular music streaming hub. It has single-handedly changed the music dynamics in the country. Due to its phenomenal success, in 2016, Patari was awarded second at the World Startup cup 2016.


Logo of is the first and biggest automotive site in Pakistan. It is a go-to source when someone has to buy or sell a vehicle. Moreover, the website features information about vehicles, their prices, specs, and reviews to help customers in getting all potent information before buying an automotive.

7) Bykea

Logo of Bykea

Bykea has been one of the most successful startups in recent times. To facilitate people who commute daily to the office or work are the ones that get facilitated more through this app. Bike driving is often very tiring for people, especially in peak rush hours. Bykea is here to facilitates them.

8) CarFirst

Logo of CarFirst

CarFirst is an online auction platform for cars. Further, it has started a unique trend in the country through which buyers can find a car easily that matches their needs. Started in 2016, the company has turned into one of the best websites in its category.

9) Inov8

Logo of innov8

Inov8is a dynamic B2B payment solution that started its operations in 2004. Mobile banking, branchless banking, and e-commerce is its specialty. The company has, so far, secured an investment of around $5.4 million from Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, the Dubai-based venture capitalist.

10) Airlift

Logo of Airlift

This is a mass transit app that works on a decentralized system through an app. It allows the service provider to commute on fixed routes. Founded in 2018, Airlift has successfully secured $14.2 million in disclosed venture capital funding in 2019.

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