Prices rise in Punjab as Ramadan arrives

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Prices rise in Punjab as Ramadan arrives. The price hikes with the start of Ramadan. Moreover, Prices of daily use items are also rising with the start of Ramadan. The provincial food department in Punjab is failing to provide low prices of food items.

Ramadan is the holy month for Muslims but the price hike is usual. It happens every year that the prices rise as soon the month of Ramadan begins. The Christians, Hindus and other minorities have to also face this price hike during this month.

On the other hand, prices around the world go down to ease Muslims in their fasting. A number of countries provide relief to Muslims during this month, including where Muslims live in minority. A similar trend is on the eve of Christmas and other such occasions in these countries.

Although, Pakistan is an Islamic state with predominant Muslim majority. However, the prices of essential items rise every year in this blessed month.

Ramadan Bazaars

Usually, the district administrations around the country arrange special Ramadan Bazaars. These bazaars provide all essential items on special prices while offering discount. However, the corona virus is changing the enforcement for these bazaars. The Government has already suspended special Ramadan bazaars, this year.

As a result, lemon reaches PKR 600/ Kg. Likewise, prices of other vegetables and fruits get double as well. It seems there is little control of the government in this situation.

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Corona and Ramadan

Unfortunately, some people are dying of corona virus and others with price hike. In this tense situation, the administration is failing to secure prices in the market.

Corona virus is already damaging the lives and these people are having no space to live. The government announced to provide subsidy to markets but there isn’t any, as yet.

The government fails to provide low prices to citizens. The responsibility of the government increases to make sure to secure people with both. That is to provide health facilities and price control as well to provide ease to citizens.

The price control department seems to be helpless. The country is under lock-down and poverty is rising. On the other hand, prices in markets are rising at the same speed.

Pakistan and World

Let’s compare Pakistan with the world. Whenever a religious event takes place, the prices of daily used items rise. On the other hand, in other countries, they put sale on them. In Ramadan, Easter, and Christmas, all countries put on sale to every essential item. But in Pakistan, it is the opposite.

Since, fruits and vegetables are most used items of Ramadan. Their prices are touch sky and remain out of reach for the common man. Similarly, the prices of other vegetables also double during Ramadan.

Successive governments have been unable to control the prices of fruits and vegetables.It seems like government cannot fight with fruits and vegetables mafia.

These price increases directly affect poor and middle-class people. Lack of monitoring and check on prices makes people avoid fruits.

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