Pillar Page: Are They The Future Of Backlinks?

Pillar Page: Are They The Future Of Backlinks?

Pillar Page: Are They The Future Of Backlinks? Making a page without giving too much information but also providing all aspects of the topic is the primary purpose of a pillar page. However, you can provide links to other blogs or any content website with detailed information. So, people can find the limited necessary information and the source of detailed information if needed. This covers general primarily topics and uses topic-related keywords.

The pillar page creates an umbrella-like structure. Here you can find all topic-related aspects and steps under one pillar head. In addition, you can gather information about each of them by clicking various links and hyperlinks. So, here we are going to discuss the types, thumb rules, importance, benefits, and organizing procedure pillar rule:

Pillar Rules: What You Need to Know?

There are lots of processes and types of pillar rules but considering many essential factors; you can divide it into two major parts:

●     Page Of Resource Pillar:

This page provides essential general overviews of specific topics and links with cluster content that provides more information. Some of these pages are loaded with internal links and external links; some pages are ‘bookmarkable.’ So, these are the characteristics and types of the resources page.

●     Content Pillar Page 10X:

This page has more depth than the resource page but has similar characteristics. This page uses a few links from other pages and provides more detailed information comparing the resource pillar page. These pages have similar forms that provide an option for download, just like e-books, and provide deep info from the topic’s core.

Thumb Rules of Pillar Page:

Pillar Page: Are They The Future Of Backlinks?

Before following the thumb rules, you must follow a few major other rulers. So, you must add text of the content-related topic as the main topic but can also add video along with it. Then include the call to caption feature on every supporting page. If you’re not sure about how to add a pillar page on your website, you can hire an affordable link building agency to do that on your behalf. Here we are going to discuss the thumb rules of a perfect pillar page:

  • You must make this page with a minimum limit of 4500 and a maximum as you please. You have to decide the limit considering the content type and competition.
  • Get a better result by putting the pillar page on the top.
  • Make the Core topic your title using heading 1 by tagging the URL
  • Include good quality and broad content, good graphs, anchor texts, and proper lists
  • You must include the links, support content, and guest post to the websites that promote your page.
  • Update your page constantly, which makes it relevant, engaging, and fresh.

Importance Of Pillar Page:

This page plays several vital roles in the website. So, let’s find out how it is so essential for the topic:

  • This removes redundant content and pages and keeps only relevant ones that will help you to make a better-organized website.
  • The website’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will be improved with the improved organization. This page interlink various related content that improves the SEO
  • Content marketing websites also use pillar pages to improve the online marketing experience.
  • Pillar pages increase traffic to the website, and you can take many advantages of that. So, this page is popular among the leading generation.

Benefits of Pillar Page:

There are many benefits of adding pillar pages to the website. So, let’s find out a few advantages:

Pillar Page: Are They The Future Of Backlinks?

●     Engagement:

Properly organized content makes your website user-friendly and exciting for traffic and increases engagement.

●     Duration:

The related properties of these similar topic pages bring more engagement, and the traffic spends more time on it.

●     Better Signals:

The internet search engine host can easily rank, define, and determine the subject because of its well-organized structure. They rank the poorly organized pages shallow, which makes the visibility poor for the visitors. Naturally, the organized page creates more traffic, which benefits them in many ways.

How to organize Your Website with Pillar Page?

Many marketers believe that more content uploaded to their websites regularly brings more traffic. That is the biggest misconception that has hindered their online growth for years. So, after years of uploading content, they realize that uploading without proper organization only increases the page count but not the amount of traffic.

The search engine host goes through every website, regardless of its size or popularity, or the importance of its content. Then they set their algorithm for ranking according to the quality and organization. You may feel easy to decide the website topic and other things and eliminate redundant and negative aspects by creating a pillar page. You can update and change your older posts with the help of this page.

This page helps you to understand the search engine hosts and the traffic nature, and you can understand the needs of your website. You can also determine what types of posts you should upload or how to avoid plagiarism with the help of the pillar page.


The Pillar page exactly works like a pillar to your website or your page, as its name suggests. This page offers you the strategy to make organized content that is SEO friendly and attracts traffic. So, if you want your content to flourish and make your website popular, then you must add a pillar page on your page that provides support to your content. That is why it is considered the pillar of the backline.


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