Pakistan breaks China’s record; built hospital in six days

Beds placed for corona patients in emergency hospital made in six days in Sialkot, Pakistan

Pakistan response is much better than most of the Western and developed countries

Pakistan breaks China’s record and built hospital in six days, but not many know it. The administration in Sialkot converts the Hockey Stadium into a 200 bed hospital. The new setup is in place within a short period of time.

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China’s built hospital in 10 days

Earlier, the global media has been sharing news of China’s efforts. China announced that it has built a hospital in Wuhan in a short span of time. The city of Wuhan in China completed a makeshift emergency hospital to treat patients infected with the coronavirus in just 10 days.

An aerial view of under construction site at a hospital in Wuhan constructed in 10 days

The emergency medical facility consists of two floors and has several isolation wards and 30 intensive care units. It can hold up to 1,000 patients. The building consists of prefabricated structures which can let construction of such a scale in a short span of time. On the other hand, Pakistan breaks China’s record and built hospital in six days.

Pakistan’s Response

Several cities in Pakistan put efforts to construct or convert existing structures into emergency hospitals or quarantine centers. These setups are cost effective as Pakistan is already an under developed country. Pakistan’s economy has little room to provide for huge budgets.

The city administration in Sialkot also put similar efforts. They are able to develop a huge struture within the Sialkot Hockey Stadium. The state-of-the-art structure provides quarantine facilities as well as emergency medical equipment for the Covid-19 patients.

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Around 7500 laborers worked day and night to construct the huge structure in China. The Pakistani structure used much lesser resources. Yet, they are able to produce such significant results.

A view of the main hospital block with patient beds placed in Sialkot Hockey Stadium which is converted into a 200 bed hospital.

Pakistan vs. First World

Amid the current situation, Pakistani cases are far lower than the strong Western nations. Pakistan is still under 10,000 total cases of corona virus. On the other hand, a number of strong economies in Americas and Europe are struggling to fight the pandemic. The emergency preparedness of Pakistan is also far greater than many developed nations.

Pakistan’s federal government has also put a special package for the poorest and most vulnerable people. The government spends over 150 billion to provide emergency support grant of PKR 12,000 per person.

A number of other city governments are also performing exemplary functions in the time of corona. It brings out a new set of administration experts in Pakistan. It also sets a new role of administrators: that of emergency response!


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