Learn to sell through this psychological trick

Learn to sell through this psychological trick

This psychological trick helps you understand your customers in a better way psychological .

Learn to sell through this psychological trick.

Group 1 – Perfectionists

Perfectionists are people who are always looking for perfection and work hard to improve themselves, everyone, and everything around them. Life philosophy: Seeking perfection, avoiding mistakes

How to sell to them: You should be on time. Product introduction must be factual, direct, and avoid roundabouts. With Progressive People, absolutely do not show inconsistent behavior or violate ethical standards

Group 2 – Emotional people

Group 2 people aspire to be liked, to fulfill the desires of others, and to be in tune with the people and events in their lives. People in this group always seek respect, avoid being taken lightly. Life philosophy: I feel I am alive when I help others.

How to sell to them: While with Group 1 people, you need to talk frankly, directly, and can skip the “warming up”, with Group 2 people, you need to spend time getting to know them. Ask questions about their home, their jobs, etc. The attention to even the smallest details will be the factors they will appreciate you later. With people in this group, you should do small things to help them, and need to focus on building a relationship with them more, more passionately. With this group, don’t try to speed things up. Absolutely do not speak indifferently, in general. Express your thanks on a regular basis.

Group 3: Ambitious people

“Competition or die” is the style of group 3. Competition is their strong point. These people arrange their lives to achieve specific goals and want to demonstrate success in order to win the respect and admiration of others. Life philosophy: Pursue success. Avoid failure.

How to sell to them: Begin by praising them. Tell them how great they are, how successful they are. Products sold to them must be based on properties that help them succeed and be more productive. The sales keyword for this personality type is the product that will help you “work faster, be more efficient, do more things”. With these features, closing the deal is quite certain. Their failures should not be mentioned at all, not even their tired-looking appearance should be mentioned. Group 3 is a group of potential customers, but can also be “one go and never return” if it makes them feel disrespected. So, even when you are receiving guests, if they come in, apologize to the guest and move on to welcoming them right away.

Group 4 – Individuality

Individuality people want to connect deeply with both their own inner worlds and those of others. They feel most alive when they can really express their feelings. Life philosophy: Seeking deep experiences and emotional connection; avoid rejection or feeling inadequate.

How to sell to them: When selling to Group 4 people, make them feel different. Compliment their dressing style even if you find it quite… different. When they empathize, they will be more willing to share. Avoid appearing superior to them. Individuality people want to stand out and be unique.

Group 5 – Rational people They like information, knowledge, and don’t like to express emotions explicitly. Group 4 people are always looking for ways to gain more knowledge. Because of such searches, they are generally very logical. They bring to the organization their objective. To them, everything has to make sense. Life philosophy: Pursue knowledge and reason, avoid distractions.

How to sell to them: Talk about similar interests to them, be open to their ideas. When talking about products, it is necessary to ensure practicality and logic. Never doubt their abilities or the information they give. With this group of people, questioning the accuracy will make them very uncomfortable. Avoid asking questions that are too personal.

Learn to sell through this psychological trick

Group 6 – Loyal people

This is a deep thinker, anxious and planning for the worst possible scenarios to be prepared. Life philosophy: Pursue life’s meaning, certainty and trust, avoid bad situations

How to sell to them: Because this group of people always have feelings of anxiety, with them, always be optimistic. Make it as easy as possible for them to make a decision. Of course, this decision needs to be grounded and needs reassurance about the risks. Don’t make a point that’s not familiar to them. Do not put pressure to close the deal and do not avoid the concerns they raise.

Group 7 – Enthusiasts

Group 7 people crave impulses from new ideas, people and experiences, avoid pain and discomfort, and create future plans open to them. Life philosophy: Seek joy and encouragement, avoid pain and discomfort.

How to sell to them: Salespeople should have energy and enthusiasm levels that are compatible with their energy and enthusiasm levels. Be optimistic with them, and give them plenty of options. With this type of person, do not show extreme pessimism or negativity.

Learn to sell through this psychological trick

Group 8 – Strong people

Group 8 pursues truth, like power, and can use their influence for good. Life philosophy: Always seek strength and justice, avoid hurt.

How to sell to them: Should be frank with them, bring out both the good and bad sides of the product and should clearly present it to them as One is…, Two is….Need to be in tune with their feelings, but make them feel like they are the decision makers. Don’t try to cheat or give them inaccurate information.

Group 9 – Peaceful people

What they want is peace, harmony and positive relationships. They don’t like conflict, tension, and evil intentions. What is easy to identify in this group of people is that when asked what they ate for lunch today, they will say: Whatever you eat! They don’t want to create disagreement or disagreements even over small things. Life philosophy: Seek harmony and comfort, avoid conflict.

How to sell to them: Focus on the positive side of the product. Speak slowly and match what you’re saying with what they’re familiar with. Don’t pressure them, or try to confront them.

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So how do you know which group a customer belongs to when the opportunity to meet them is only once? Let’s “throw a stone to find the way”, you will know what kind of personality that guest has! With a few initial greetings such as: Are you well? If the other guest responds enthusiastically, he/she may be a Group 2 – Emotional person, Group 7 – Enthusiastic or Group 9 – Peaceful. If you want to start working immediately, this person can be a Group 1 – Perfectionist, Group 3 – Ambitious person or Group 8 – Strong person. When the person gives so much information that this person seems surprised, or doesn’t pay attention for long, then he is definitely not a Group 5 – Rational person. Talk to them, get some understanding of their personality, and then apply the methods. You will succeed


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