10 Job Search Hacks on LinkedIn that You Should Know

10 Job Search Hacks on LinkedIn that You Should Know

LinkedIn is an essential recruitment tool because of its growing popularity. Anyone searching for a job should know job search hacks on LinkedIn. It is obvious that a prospective employer does one of the first things to look at the individual in LinkedIn. If you decide between yourself and a candidate, a poorly organised profile or a lack of one may be decisive LinkedIn Search Hacks  .

LinkedIn is also a strong networking platform not only to display your achievements, like a rundown or curriculum vitae. What users need to remember is it would only be incorrect to slap their curriculum vitae on the web. LinkedIn must be seen as another means of connecting to a business or recruiting audience.

Is LinkedIn Worthy for Job Seekers?

It is found that over 90% of employment agencies use LinkedIn to find talent, which means that avoiding the website when searching for a position is more of a shredder that can hopes someone can find it and work it out.

That is impossible, and you are also unlikely to find the most open jobs or connections if you ignore LinkedIn. You might think that because you still live in school or don’t have much expertise, but you shouldn’t use LinkedIn, but it’s wrong. LinkedIn is one of the best professional online networking resources to capture the attention of recruiters.

Not only does your inability to have a LinkedIn presence disappear to recruitment agencies, but it could also lead them to worry about why your profile is not present. LinkedIn presence is a strong initiative. There are surely no tricks for LinkedIn to find a job. It is not different from other social websites online, it’s not Facebook and Instagram or Twitter. LinkedIn is supposed to represent your technical skills and you must remember that people who don’t know you can read it. Therefore that does not mean off-colour jokes, political diatribes, or a drunken brawl.

How to find Jobs on Linkedin?

Here are 10 job search hacks on LinkedIn:

  1. Create a Powerful profile

First, if you don’t already have one, you must set up a LinkedIn profile. All keys to receiving a notice from a recruiter are to enter your education and where you want to work, and also have a professional headshot. Speak about your talents, motivations and desires using a rundown of at least 40 words.  Use a headline that shows a recruiter like “a qualified content manager with Social Media Experience.”

2. Fill up your Profile with Keywords

Added LinkedIn profile keywords can help recruiters and companies find you. Concentrate on keywords that complement your strengths.

If you are confused about which keywords, you can use various useful tools, including Google Trends, KeywordSpy and SEMRush.

3. Photo Changes from LinkedIn’s Cover

You can need to update your picture cover by changing the LinkedIn GUI again. The profile image has shifted on the desktop edition from the middle of the cover photo to the left. Please note that the photo profile is still placed right now at the centre of the mobile app cover photo.

Although it is not known if it will adjust or not in the future, it is best to build an image factor that allows your picture profile to cut out portions of the bottom left (desktop) and middle parts (mobile) depending on the device from which visitors view it. You would use 1584 x 398 pixels for your image coverage.

4. Character Count Set for LinkedIn Status Update

Possibly you have run into limitations on character counts in at least one LinkedIn profile segment if you have done some work on your LinkedIn profile. The constraint of the character can be frustrating as you try to find the best way to convey your message with the least number of words or characters.

The new count limits are as follows:

Update Status: Maximum 1,300 Characters

LinkedIn Publisher Headline: Maximum 100 characters

Publisher LinkedIn Article: Maximum of 40,000 characters

5. Good to control “Who has your profile seen?”

Who has seen your profile? page is the best place to find opportunities. On this tab, you can find a list of the people who over the past 90 days have checked out the LinkedIn profile. You will see a complete list of who has seen your account over the last 90 days. When you have a Linkedin premium Membership. Only the last 5 users who viewed your profile are shown with a free account.

You can search each individual for potential opportunities and you can follow up a customised communication request where applicable.

6. Professional Trade Support

Support creates credibility in addition to suggestions but requires usually less thought and detail because one LinkedIn professional can support another with one click.

Other professionals will support you with your particular skills, but adding the list of skills to your profile is your work. You will get your support if you consciously work to approve your colleagues — and do not lie about the skills you have.

7. Boost your followers on LinkedIn

You may not know, but LinkedIn also has a size cap for the network. For most people, a cap is not a number to reach, but for those who use LinkedIn for social sales or who work to build their thinking leadership, it can, at some stage, be exceeding that level. Each LinkedIn user has a maximum of 30 000 1st grade connections.

Fortunately, LinkedIn has offered users the option of following them without linking to them.

8. High-Value Content Development

I cannot sufficiently emphasise the importance of ensuring, given your future opportunities, that everything you post on LinkedIn has a high value. Know that what you think is high value and what you think is high value will change.

You can create your authority and build your LinkedIn no better or faster than by creating and sharing useful content.

9. Use Advanced Search Option

Google your favourite companies and use the LinkedIn Advanced Search option. For example, find out who your Gone Bananas connections are and list them. Depending on your relationship with the organisation, you can access these people. You can ask questions about the corporate culture if they work there. You may ask what business with them whether they are a consumer or service provider. Make your study imaginative and have fun to learn how to better get to the business if you are able.

10. Set a Self-important LinkedIn URL

LinkedIn enables you to adapt your profile URL on resumes or other workpiece material for technical communication. The so-called vanity URLs can be personalised to include your first and last names, which are more professional and share important than a number series.

The full name of a LinkedIn URL is also important in SEO terms because it makes it easier to locate the profile online.


Nobody has free time to spend, so you can find the Linkedin job search tips that are valuable in this post. The task for everyone now is to select one or two job search hacks on LinkedIn in the next week. Also, try to make LinkedIn more efficient and successful.


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