Islamabad becomes the first e-city of Pakistan

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Registration of Property or Car in your name is possible as district administration staff will visit your home for all legal formalities

Islamabad becomes the first e-city of Pakistan as it launches an online registration mechanism for citizens. It means that the ICT administration will now facilitate you at home. It also means that you do not need to go to district administration offices, even for major activities such as transfer of property.

Thus, the ICT administration introduces transfer facility of official documents. The ICT, in collaboration with NADRA, will provide facilities to citizens about getting documents at home.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has always spoken on his reforms agenda. He has always spoken about institutional reforms which could reflect in public service delivery.

This initiative of Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) administration is one of the key examples for ease in public service delivery. This service eases the overall process for a common citizen. The people do not need to stand for hours in line with availability of this service. All you need to is to just call on the given number.

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As you call the helpline, the case is taken to the relevant department. Moreover, they book an appointment for you and the next step is where your related department will be at your door step.

Here is the helpline number to book appointment: 051-90395386  

With this service, one can manage all issues about transfer of property, the registration of new vehicle and domicile at their home.

Currently, the service is new and people are getting closest possible date for appointment. The assigned officers will come on committed time and day without any red tape.

Moreover, they verify all the documents and fulfill the legal formalities. Then, they put your application and you can get your document without visiting any office. In Pakistan, it seems like an unbelievable thing that officers will come at home for service. It is one of the best practices in civil service.

As the announcement of this service comes out, the ICT administration claims, “Public Service is our priority”.

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Earlier Practices

Though, ICT Administration will now facilitate you at home. If we talk about earlier practices, one could spend weeks, month or even a year for resolving similar minor issues.

Initially, one had to stand up in long queues and to wait for their turn. Moreover, the availability of concerned officer was always an issue. Usually, a token of next date was given. Further, after submitting application, one had to wait for longer periods.

For the issuance of domicile, one had to visit district courts several times. Furthermore, there was always a requirement of links in district court to speed up the process. In the case of new vehicle registration, they always give the argument about the shortage of number plates.

In case of property registration one had to go through a long process. These processes would require several NOCs, reports and many other legal formalities.

However, the current reforms will help the citizens to avoid such hassles. This will result in direct coordination of citizens with officials of district administration for resolution of their tasks.

The ICT administration must be appreciated for taking this amazing step. This will definitely provide ease to the citizens of Islamabad. Moreover, let’s hope other district administrations and provincial governments also learn from the ICT administration.

Thus, Islamabad becomes the first e-city of Pakistan.

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