Is the new US-China rift getting towards World War III?

Flags of US and China

Commencement of war between the US and China will be a confrontation between two of the most powerful world militaries and the US could easily drop out

The American navy has complete refusal to evacuate airships instead of having 93 confirm positive covid-19 cases. 

The United States and Turkey have already set cautions that collision of argumentation on covid-19 could go up into a nuclear war.

Is the new US-China rift getting towards World War III? Projection of power around the world is one of the official marks of the United States armed forces. But now, more than 1200 persons belonging to the military and their family members are victim of Covid-19. The navy is thus so far not accepting the deportation of the airline carrier. Although, it is having 93 confirm positive cases of Covid-19.

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Prepare for War with China or Fight Corona Virus?

According to the secretary of defense, forces are made to move. Just as covid-19 is becoming a topic of op consideration. It does not mean that other warnings will disappear and enemies will stand down. If enemies think that our defense system is weak, it will be their greater error of judgement, say American Generals.

A US Navy Ship in the middle of Pacific Ocean

Ships allotted by the United States on the South China Sea and East China Sea. They are enterprising the freedom of navigational activities and operations. American frigates are also keeping an eye on threats allocation from North Korea. Far reaching the virus has become more dangerous than traditional nemesis. War continuation between Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Yemen is also a matter of great concern. But the protection of civil and armed forces is of prime importance in the era of the 21st century.  The most difficult task for the navy is to continue the training of forces. It is in a very confined environment of ships where maintenance of social distancing is almost impossible. So, the risk assessment system is functioning in ships to overcome the virus spreads. (, 2020)

US-China virus issue could shoot up into hot war

According to a Turkish expert, China is facing accusations of covering up the coronavirus outbreak.  As quoted by a professor of law in Turkey, the covid19 epidemic would not escalate into pandemic if China had informed the world its source of spreading earlier. The United States and Turkey had already set caution. The collision of argumentation on Covid-19 could go up into a biological war according to both. Due to late reporting of covid-19 cases in Wuhan, china has to pay charges one day at international court. Donald Trump, the US president has insisted on calling the coronavirus the “Chinese virus” despite commentators calling the label anti-Semite. (Kazancı, 2020)

Covid-19 and Economy

People around the world are facing lock down just like prisoners.  The death toll updated in Wuhan is 1,290 to 3,869, that accounts for increase in level of total 45%. Thus, the question Is the new US-China rift getting towards World War III is more relevant.

Mass starvation is expected in upcoming days due to decline in oil and industries income. “I think the global recession and mass unemployment, as well as decline in production, will lead to more serious outcomes. These will be worst financial order than the economic crisis of 1929,” Casin says. It will be the leading cause of depression. I would like to highlight that depression may eventually become one of the prime factors to initiate world war 11. The Covid-19 pandemic has affected millions of people around the world. The impact of the virus hits badly the economy of China, which accounts for the world 2nd largest economy. (Kazancı, US-China virus clash could escalate into hot war, expert warns, 2020)

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Who will use the Nuclear Weapons first?

China is surprisingly clear about its statement of not using nuclear weapons first under any state of affairs. This clear-cut statement is the foundation of Chinese nuclear policy for 56 years and there is frequent repetition of this statement in Chinese publications as claimed by a report. Some of the United States expositors have shown controversy to the Chinese policy of not using nuclear weapons first. The United States misunderstanding is applicable to some extent because Richard appears to believe that specific planning has been carried out in china nuclear station and it clearly mentions the alertness of nuclear force. Richard’s perception seems to be totally wrong if we think about various perspectives of Chinese policy. 

China’s Policy

Contrary to the policies adopted by the United States, China has intended to keep its nuclear force off alert because there is no hole appearance in the rules and regulations of this country. Their submarines are not present at armed patrols. Their missiles have been controlled by two separate chains of command. Regrettably, one can expect horror stuck outcomes if China plans to alert the nuclear force. A study in the US estimates the death of 10 million Chinese citizens. It is in case if the US attempts to use its nuclear power. Chinese armed planners are fully conscious of the fact that any pressurizing attempt on the US may counter. It will be a step to activate hesitant traditional bombardment and it might activate radio-logical attacks. But whatever the scenario, China won’t be the one to start this disaster.

China would not risk any damage limitation. It is in a well-known position to retaliate against the United States if they strike with conventional weapons.  Nuclear exchange will be the end of war between the United States and China with indefinable and calamitous consequences. The United States should acclaim China’s policy of not using nuclear power. If both countries show agreement on resolution of not using nuclear weapons first. Then, there would be less likely chances of war to occur. (Kulacki, 2020)

Should we expect a War?

The US is counteracting china in a calibrated procedure. Trump is preparing for new cold war conduction with china but he is not intended to evoke a combative response. The United States is already confronting china by depriving their freedom of navigation operations on east and North Sea of the china. China is still emphasizing to build pressure on sea patrols stations. If the US gets enrolled in a war with China they could easily lose, because China has excellent military power including aircraft striking action and they have been learning from US strategies for 20 years. China also appears to interfere with democratic system of Taiwan for election conduction, (, 2019)

Is the new US-China rift getting towards World War III? It is yet to determine but apparently it seems that the countries may engage in a minor collision anytime soon.

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