Is India behind the killing of Karima Baloch?

File photo of Karima Baloch

A recent report claims presence of Indian propaganda machinery active in form of common citizens against Pakistan in 65 countries

Previously, Indian intelligence operations in East Pakistan helped in creation of Bangladesh but India denied until recently

Is India behind the killing of Karima Baloch? Karima Baloch is a very well-known Baloch activist. She escaped from Pakistan and settled as a refugee in Canada a few years ago. She went missing on Sunday (December 20) in Toronto. Police requested help from locals to assist them but later, her family confirmed her death.

Resource rich province of Pakistan, Baluchistan is bearing conflicts and insurgencies since so long. In which India is playing its role to destabilize the province and providing false information to the locals and in international world as well. Karima Baloch was one of those Baloch activist whose message was supported and propagated by Indian government and Indian intelligence.

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Disrupting Speeches and Interviews of Karima Baloch

Former chairperson of Baloch Student Organization (BNO) Karima Baloch, spoke a lot in hate of Pakistan and Pakistan Army. In one of her recent interviews, she said, “Pakistan always talks about acquiring the land. They don’t want the Baloch people but want the resources there. It has been its policy of exploiting the resources and make use of its geo-strategic importance since a pro-freedom struggle is ongoing in Baluchistan”.

According to Baloch nationalists, people of balochistan are fighting a war with Pakistan since so long for their rights and survival for Baluchistan but they are being ignored and labelled as terrorists and extremists.

And to that Karima responded as, “If raising a voice for our rights is extremism then we are extremists. They have occupied our province by using force. Pakistan always talks about the freedom of Kashmiris at various international forums. Why Pakistan did not criticize the Kashmiris then? If speaking about freedom and preserving our culture, language and territory is extremism, then we are extremists. They can call us anything, but we will not stop our struggle.”

Many of the activists, extremists and students got missing in a decade back. Some of the missing students later joined extremist groups and some of them were recovered by Pakistan’s intelligence. But the activists like Karima Baloch, have said that Pakistan’s intelligence agencies and Pakistan Army including Frontier Corp (FC) are involved in missing of those individuals rather thanking them that they have brought some of the people back to their homes.

India’s Support to Baloch Insurgency

In March 2016, an Indian Navy’s serving personnel who had been deputed by the Indian intelligence RAW was arrested by Pakistan’s security forces from Baluchistan (Maskhel). Initially Indian Ministry of External Affairs confirmed arrest of Kulbhushan Yadav but denied his affiliation with Indian intelligence.

Allah Nazar Baloch, head of Baloch Liberation Front (BLF) has said that we will not refuse any help coming from India. Whether that would be in cash or any other help, we will avail. This is the clear indication that India created its grounds in Baluchistan and doing every possible try to destabilize the province. He added to his words, “We welcome the statement that Narendra Modi gave to morally support the Baloch nation.”

The leader of Baloch Republican Party (BRP) who is self-exiled himself in Switzerland, had a plan to seek asylum in India.

Bangladeshi-American leader and former leader of Mukti Bahini, Muhammad Zainul Abedin spoke in a webinar arranged by Institute of Policy Studies (IPS). He was the one who got training from India to fight against Pakistan in 1971. Mr. Abedin cautioned all South Asian leaders and said that Indian intelligence, Research and Analyzing Wing (RAW) was involved in destabilizing the region. He said RAW is still active in the region to take control over the neighboring countries by weakening them.

An American diplomat who served as the last American Consul General to Dhaka said, “Indian soil was made available for training, camps, hospitals and supply depots for Mukti Bahini” and further said that Mukti Bahini had a “safe haven to which it could retire for rest, food, medical supplies and weapons.”

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also accepted his country’s role in breaking up of Pakistan in 1971.

Karima Baloch’s Affiliation with India

To analyze Karima Baloch’s affiliation with India, one has to see several operative mechanisms of Indian intelligence. Karima had cordial relations with Indian establishment and she had wished Indian Prime Minister Narendera Modi on Raksha Bandhan where she also him to help Baloch people.

By her hate speeches towards Pakistan Army and intelligence India was supporting her in her mission that has ended or might be continued further by some other Baloch Activists. India is covering itself and convicting Pakistan’s intelligence agency (ISI) has killed “daughter of Baluchistan.”

Why would India kill Karima Baloch?

It is a known fact that Indian antagonism against Pakistan exists since its inception. From the very first day, India has put all its resources to destabilize Pakistan. The rogue efforts of Indian intelligence agencies existed at the time of Bangladesh, which India denied then. The Pakistani government continued to call international community to look into Indian involvement in East Pakistan in late 1960’s until 1971. However, the matter went to the back burner after the collapse of East Pakistan and creation of Bangladesh. However, the statement of acceptance from Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi brought to light the real facts of insurgency in Bangladesh.

It proved that India was actively supporting anti-Pakistan elements then. The current regime in India also follows the same motivation and there is a strong support for anti-Pakistan elements in Indian government. They are continuously supporting the anti-Pakistan elements throughout the world. And, killing a Baloch activist would only gain sympathy for India and hatred against Pakistan.

Is India behind the killing of Karima Baloch?

The Indian government does not leave any opportunity to destabilize Pakistan or create a bad image of the country in Western world. Thus, it seems to be such an operation where the crime is committed knowing that the blame would be coming on Pakistan and its intelligence agencies.

On the other hand, Pakistan’s case was accepted as genuine and just recently. The European Union based NGOs found Indian involvement in a propaganda campaign for over 15 years targeting Pakistan. Further, Pakistan’s military is already embroiled into several domestic challenges and it wouldn’t want to put itself into a blameful situation at this moment.

Thus, the murder of a Baloch activist at this moment wouldn’t help Pakistan in any manner. But it would be definitely helpful for Indian to continue with ISI bashing for political mileage in the Western World.

The question arises: Is India behind the killing of Karima Baloch?

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