World Women’s Day 2021: Let’s all choose to challenge

World Women's Day 2021

The challenge results in change—and this is the idea that organisers expect to shout on Mondays on World Women’s Day 2021.

We recognise the contributions of women on International Women’s Day. And we mean all those who recognise the word, by “women.”

Women have ingenuity and expertise in all sections of life, from home to work, laboratories and boardrooms. However, their performances and efforts are frequently ignored, neglected or reduced. It is now a reminder of those that are usually ignored or taken out.

History of World Women’s Day

At age of major turmoil and important discussions among women against injustice and inequality, the idea of International Women’s Day originated in the early 1900s. In 1908 thousands of women protested through New York City for a lesser duration, fair wages, and freedom to vote. The next year, a National Women’s Day in the United States was held by the Socialist Party of America on February 28th, 1909. On the last Sunday of February until 1913, it was still celebrated by the women.

All at the same, the 2nd International Working Women Conference in 1910 took place in Copenhagen, Denmark, where the concept of the International Women’s Day was proposed by Clara Zetkin, who headed the Social Democrat Women’s Office in Germany. She suggested that each country should observe its requirements on the same day every year. Zetkin’s proposal was overwhelmingly welcomed at the conference involving over 100 women from 17 nations, from syndicates, Progressive Parties and Community Clubs.

It was first held at the United Nations in 1975 and in December 1977, the General Assembly approved a resolution claiming that the Member States must recognize the United Nations Day for Women’s Equality and International Harmony on all days of the year, in line with their nationalist and cultural practices.

In 1996, the UN declared the first-ever annual topic: ‘Women at Peace Table, celebrating the past and planning’ in 1997. Every year, ‘women and social justice’ took up a new theme in 1998, 1999, ‘world free of violence against women.’

Over the years the campaigns also covered the #ChooseToChallenge, #PressForProgress, #BeBoldforChange, #EachforEqual, #BalanceforBetter,  #PledgeforParity, #MakeItHappen, and many others.

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Importance of World Women’s Day 

International Women’s Day marks all areas of women’s lives. The day is a celebration of everything that a woman does for her loved ones and society, starting with becoming a traditional wife and caring for her family, working as a professional worker. People are celebrating this day by relaxing and showing them how unique they are.

Women’s Learning

School students as well as other learning environments engage in special lectures, discussions or lectures about the relevance, impact and problems faced by women in communities. School kids carry donations to their teachers in many countries and women are given small calls from friends and family. Many employers acknowledge International Woman’s Day with particular emphasis on organizational updates, announcements and promotions.

Colours of Women’s Day

This is also an important day to inform people about female rights, protection and equality between men and women. Even on this day, there are colours – lilac, green and white. Purple stands for justice and equality, green stands for hope and white for innocence.

How is IWD worldwide celebrated?

There is a special way for every country to celebrate the day. Formal holidays are announced in countries including Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Burkina Faso, Cambodia, China, (for women alone), Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uganda, Ukraine and Vietnam. These are Cambodia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Eritrea, Kyrgyzstan, Kuba, Laos, Madagascar, Moldova, Mongol (for women alone), Montenegro, Naples (for women only) and Samoa.

As with the UK, worldwide festivities this year. Barbao hosts a three-day festival named ‘Undeniably You’ which is comprehensive and engaging. Many participants will speak to address the gender-race divisions. A class of French students will host a virtual event in France that will speak about an entrepreneur who inspires them. They organise a digital celebration in Canada, start with relaxation techniques and end with global interdependence. See the website of the IWD for a complete list of activities worldwide.

The theme for International Women’s Day 2021

“Leadership: achieving an equitable future in a world of COVID-19” is a theme of World Women’s Day 2021. It underlines how women in judgment, in particular those in the field of public policy, can be equally involved. This year, it is time to spotlight women and girls around the world’s largest huge efforts in building a better world more equitable and recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic, and to illustrate the remaining gaps.

Just 3 countries worldwide have 50% or more women in representation, as per the United Nations. In only 22 countries, women are Heads of State. In reality, as head of state 119 countries worldwide have never had a female leader.

The United Nations also states that women’s rights in parliaments will not be achieved by 2063 at the present pace of change. Not all of this, gender balance is not expected until the year 2150 for Heads of State.

Marches & Events

According to the UN, women gain 23% less than men globally and only hold 24% of parliamentary seats worldwide. Different activities are organised worldwide on the International Women’s Day, March 8th. The activities honour women including lectures, marches, and concerts and highlight inequality experienced by women around the world. Diverse topics, such as creativity, the presentation of women in the industry and academic and vocational opportunities are the subject of the events.

Women of all ethnicities: policymakers, community leaders and corporate leaders, educators, inventors, business leaders, and celebrities from the television industry, are typically allowed to talk.

How to make use of social media on International Women’s Day

The organizing committee of the World Women’s Day 2021 asks followers to “strike the Challenge option and use #ChooseToChallenge #IWD2021 to post to Social Media.”

It raises your hand to “express your dedication to challenging the injustice, calling for prejudice, stereotyping issues and helping to build an equal community,” states the website.


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