25 Facts to Prove Instagram Rules Social Media in 2021

25 Facts to Prove Instagram Rules Social Media in 2021

Instagram has gained massive success in middle-aged groups. Most of us know that Instagram rules social media due to its versatility with additional features. So today we will highlight some of the best features that made Instagram the pioneer in the social media field Instagram .

Instagram creators and the present team are working hard to get it familiar, so we will list some of the popular features that have made Instagram one of the best social media platforms.

First of all, we must understand the strong capacity of the Instagram application and it is reached the industry as a dedicated photo-sharing site.

Instagram currently has more than one BILLION users. More than 50 billion photos were posted and this made it a favourite social media site for all — users, marketers, companies, bloggers and influencers alike.

More than 100 million photos and videos are reported to be uploaded regularly, with more than 4 billion “likes.”

Below are some of the major features that led Instagram to attain million monthly active users by eliminating all of the expected annual growth forecasts.

25 Facts to Prove Instagram Rules Social Media in 2021

Let us just break down the data and 25 facts to find the reality which proves that Instagram rules Social Media.

  1. Instagram has the 4th largest mobile application user

Since Instagram is mostly a mobile network, this status is more important than visits to websites. Only Facebook, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are outsourced for daily mobile app users.

2. Instagram’s usage growth was 17.0 percent in Western Europe by 2020

The area will reach 132.8 million users by the end of 2020, forecasts eMarketer. This represents a rise since 2018 of 19.3 million users.

EMarketer forecast just a 5.2 per cent increase in the area before the pandemic. Twice this year, they have revised their forecasts.

3. Instagram is the 6th Most Visited Website

While Instagram uses only a smartphone app, for website visits it still cracks the top 10. You could display your posts more than you think on a larger screen.

4. On Instagram daily, more than 500 million accounts are active

Moreover, Facebook Business also disclosed to Instagram that the same number of Instagram stories was used [500 million+ accounts]. That includes watching stories as well as uploading and sharing stories.

It has a lot of free tools for people to use Instagram for a blog or company, but Facebook Blueprint – where these statistics were found – is often ignored.

You may have never heard of it, but it is predicted that by 2021 more than a half-million companies or brands around the world will have registered for the different courses and certifications.

5. Instagram is Google’s 9th most common question

Common words like weather and news are the top 10 searches. The top 10 features also include Facebook, Google, YouTube and Amazon, and Instagram all ahead. But this is another perfect demonstration for Instagram since it is accessible mainly through an app.

6. Kazakhstan is the country with the highest rates of Instagram

Kazakhstan is not perhaps the largest user of Instagram, but it is the country where Instagram has the highest percentage of 72%. Instagram can be a particularly efficient outlet for organic content and paying Instagram posts while marketing for people in these countries.

7. Instagram’s gender mix is very uniform: 51% female and 49% male

In the United States, however, the proportion of women (43%) using Instagram is considerably higher than men (31 per cent). It should be noted that Instagram publishes advertisement information for sexes other than “female” or “male.”

These disparities show that demographics on Instagram – or any other social network – cannot be taken for granted. And surely you can’t speculate on your own supporters’ demographics.

8. 14 % of US adults didn’t Know About Instagram

Bear in mind it does not cover everybody, even though Instagram has a wide scope in the USA. This is why it is so important to consider your audience.

9. 5% of U.S. children under 12, use Instagram

Despite Instagram usage guidelines, users are 13 years old before making an account. 11 percent use Instagram for children 9 to 11 years old.

10. The 2nd greatest general publicity on all sites

Instagram sits 2nd behind Facebook, with a total of 895 million active monthly users that ads will hit, of 2,1 million. It was the even site of men/females split – 50 per cent each, the We Are Social and Hootsuite study revealed

11. Instagram users spent on the site on average 30 minutes a day

This is almost 4 minutes higher than 2019. If it doesn’t sound like much, think it’s a 13.8% leap. EMarketer projected that Instagram’s time spent before the pandemic would only rise by 1.5% in 2020.

12. 81% Users of Instagram to support test goods and services

Two out of 3 people suggest the network facilitates brand experiences.

13. Monthly 130 million users rely on shopping posts

Although the above Instagram status reveals people shopping on the site for testing, it indicates that people buy things from Instagram explicitly.

14. Every month, more than 50% of Instagram accounts use Explore

The Explorer section is a way to find new contents and profiles for Instagram users. Having your posts on Explore is a critical way to show new followers to your product.

15. Instagram as a News source by 11%

This figure is not nearly the percentage of people receiving news from Facebook (36%), but it is still necessary to understand how to incorporate new product releases and brand announcements.

16. Instagram stories are used every day by 500 million people

That story is a valuable channel to brands with a half billion people per day using stories. The following stats further highlight why if you haven’t already tried Tales.

17. 86% completion rate in brand stories

This is just a slight improvement from 85% in 2019. The most significant improvement in the completion rate has been the Entertainment Account, from 81% to 88%. The most popular sports accounts are stories at 90 per cent.

18. 90% of Instagram users follow a company

On Instagram, people don’t just talk to friends and families. Nearly anyone using the app would adopt a brand at least.

19. The average increase in Instagram business accounts is 1.46% per month

When you grow up following Instagram, you may feel like a really slow game. But tactics can be used to outsource the Instagram follower statistics and to get more followers more quickly.

20. The potential publicity scope of Instagram is 1.16 billion users

This is 19% of people 13 years of age and older. This reflects a 7.1 per cent rise in the amount of publicity reached in the third quarter of 2020.

21. 4 million corporations use monthly Instagram ads

Stories advertisements offer advertisers the ability to create attractive full-screen interactions with Instagram users.

22. The most common type of Instagram video content is how-to tutorials

After that, posts, interviews and coverage of news behind the scenes.

Think about which kind of fun, quick, easy-to-use instructions you would need to turn into a short, engaging Instagram video material.

23. IGTV videos on the Explorer page are 4x larger than images

This is a good way to draw your IGTV videos on potentially fresh eyeballs. The first step, of course, is to access the Explorer page.

24. Automatic IGTV subtitles in 16 languages are accessible

Lessons are a major element of inclusive and good business design.

25. Instagram is as a news source by 11%

This figure is not nearly the percentage of people receiving news from Facebook (36%), but it is still necessary to understand how to incorporate new product releases and brand announcements. In the United States, 26 per cent of 18-24 year-olds used Instagram to access coronavirus news directly.


Instagram is a social network that can not be overlooked with 1 billion or more active monthly users. Definitely, this shows that Instagram rules social media

But a data-driven approach would be needed to take the competition ahead of time. To make your plan a sound starting point, use the data covered by this article.


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