How to Hire Python Developers: A Guide for Efficient Tech Hiring

How to hire Python developers: A guide for efficient tech hiring

How to hire Python developers: A guide for efficient tech hiring. In this golden era of technology, everyone is looking to develop smart applications that they require, either as an added service for their customers or as a support tool for their employees. These smart applications are developed by intelligent developers and programmers. Developers and programmers prefer to use Python as their choice of programming language. Hence, a lot of companies want to hire Python developers for the sake of gaining technical leverage.

The unique services provided by Python developers are shaping the global outsourcing markets. In experienced software development markets like India, developers are already building their muscles in Python programming. More and more companies are looking to hire Python developers from India and build applications that will help them grow. Skilled Python developers are considered assets that can drive growth. Software development need not be the primary function of your business. In which case you will need guidance for outsourcing Python developers. Below, you will find the answer to the question that has been bothering you i.e. ‘How to hire Python developers?’

The skills you need to look for if you want to hire python developers

Like all other jobs, there are a bunch of skills and attributes a Python programmer needs to become a good fit for your team. Especially because you might be looking to hire offshore Python developers. Therefore, before you hire Python developers, it is important to make a checklist of sorts to ensure they have all the skills you require in order to coordinate with them and guide them successfully. Follow the checklist given below and bring your software development ambition to fruition.

  1. Technical skills
    Since any software or application you develop needs to work on multiple platforms, it is important that your developer has some essential technical knowledge. Here is a list of things your Python developers must know, technology wise, to help you with your project:

    1. Developers must be proficient in object-oriented programming and development
    2. They need to be able to work with multiple frameworks like Flask and Django
    3. Ensure that they have a working knowledge of RESTful APIs
    4. Coding skills in CSS, HTML and JavaScript are also necessary
    5. The developers will also need to be skilled in mathematical Python modules
    6. Advanced mathematics like statistics, linear algebra, probability and calculus will also be required
  2. Experience and problem solving skills
    During the course of software or application development, many problems may occur. You need experienced Python developers to tackle these problems. Therefore, while outsourcing Python developers, make sure you go through their past work experience thoroughly. Experienced developers understand the process of testing and correcting codes for an application very thoroughly.
  3. Leadership and team building
    Leadership and team building are imperative skills for a Python developer. Consider the basic work process that evolves during Python software outsourcing. The rest of your core business team will be in your office. Each and every team lead that works for you will have a say in the software you’re developing. Since you will hire offshore Python developers, these developers will have to coordinate with your teams and distribute the work amongst themselves.
  4. Critical thinking
    Software development is a logical process. It is basically a technology-based solution for real world problems. Your Python developers need to critically analyze the problems that you’re expecting to solve with the development of this software. Then they need to implement this analysis, logically and critically, in the software they’re developing for you.
  5. Communication
    As we mentioned before, it is important for a Python developer to have functional communication skills, which includes proficiency in the English language. This is the reason why India is a preferred location if you’re looking to hire offshore Python developers.

Understanding the Developers’ portfolios

In order to understand a Python developer’s portfolio, you need to understand the types of jobs that a Python developer might have had to do. This way, you can pick and choose the best developer for your job role.

  1. Python web developer
    They handle server-side integration for web applications. Along with Python, they need to be proficient in web development frameworks like HTML.
  2. Software developer
    Software development requires an understanding of multiple frameworks. A Python software developer you hire must understand computer architecture in detail. He should be an expert in object-oriented programming, object-relational mapping, database management systems and web application frameworks.  Simply put, a Python software developer needs to be able to wear multiple hats to ensure good quality in the end product.
  3. Data analyst
    A data analyst needs to have a good grasp of arithmetic and statistics to collate and analyse huge volumes of data that your company generates. A data analyst needs to be proficient in frameworks like Pandas, Matplotlib, Numpy and Seaborn.
  4. Data scientist
    This is the most versatile form of Python developer job roles. A data scientist needs to be comfortable in multiple roles, like that of an analyst, tester, developer and more. A data scientist needs to be able to communicate and understand the nuances of your industry. Data scientist is one of the most sought-after job profiles for Ptyhon developers as it garners the highest respect and remuneration.
  5. Machine Learning Engineer
    These developers create technologies that teach machines to perform human functions. The most relatable example is the face recognition feature we so liberally use now on our social media platforms. These engineers need to be proficient in TensorFlow, scikit-learn, Scipy, Pandas and Numpy.

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Use the list given above to create your job requirement. Carefully analyze the applications you get. Make sure that they’ve prior experience in the skillsets that you’re looking for in your Python developer. Build your team diligently and use the unique skillsets of each of your members liberally to grow your business.


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