How to Earn $10000 Every Month from YouTube Channel?

How to Earn $10000 Every Month from YouTube Channel?

How to Earn $10000 Every Month from YouTube Channel? YouTube Channel that Earns $10,000 Every Month is a dream come true for many. Of course, everyone wants to earn more. And YouTube is a wonderful resource for a side hustle. After all, it doesn’t cost much to create a video these days and you can earn a lot more than your regular job.

How much a job pays? Even a very good job would offer you something around 5000 bucks. But, the global streaming giant has much more to offer. There are creators who earn more than a million dollar in a year. Yes, that is around $1,000,000 USD.

The problem is most people don’t know how to begin. And, trust me, it is quiet easy. There are many nascent YouTubers earning this much money from making videos. Just imagine someone made this money while making simple prank videos in a developing country. Check the story: How a Pakistani makes 7 crores from YouTube in 3 years?

Before moving on, let me tell you 2 key facts:

  • Most people could easily replace their 9-5 with one YouTube channel
  • Sadly, most people who start on YouTube fail

So, we devise 5 steps that will help you get started:

1. Run your Channel like a Business

The key point here is that you need to see your channel as a business. Most people post videos and collect whatever ad revenue they can. Remember: that is a big mistake. Rather, you should see it differently.

Your channel should be like a store where:

  • Views are foot traffic
  • Your courses are your products
  • This is one mindset shift that can make you $1,000s more per month…

You will stop seeing it as a side hustle. You would want to post it purposefully. You would want your viewers to be engaged. So, you will create content that is interesting for the users. You will make it look good. Like a shopkeeper who wants a client to enter the shop, you’d want your viewer to enter your channel, go through different videos, see one or two and subscribe. Now that is important. A subscriber means a permanent customer. And you would really want a few regular viewers.

2. Managing the Growth

You may have heard that a business require time to strengthen its base. Imagine how much time, money and resources someone would add for starting a business. It’s a similar approach on YouTube as well.

There are no overnight success stories on YouTube. Like any business it can take weeks, months or even years to reach that earning potential. However, you must remember that you do not have to put your efforts off. You will feel frustrated, tired and want to end up. Yet, there is something more interesting here.

With the right tactics, you can be making $1,000s a month. Once you start making this much money, you’ll have more passion to increase your revenue. So, with the growth mindset, you can easily get there. But most don’t want to grind out 6 months of work to get there. And here comes our advice: stick to it!

3. Produce Strategically

Well, why wouldn’t you consider it as a key point to ponder? Why Titanic, Syriana or Harry Potter were able to gather such huge following? They knew what they were producing. They were aware of what viewers want. And, if you cannot put things to their scale, that’s ok. Yet, you must think strategically.

The biggest question creators have is: “What videos should I make?”

Don’t guess – look at what’s already working. Check out top performing videos in your niche. Create your own versions of them to grow faster. And you are already on the track.

4. Don’t Recreate the Wheel

While you may be thinking about a topic differently, your viewers will be different. As Alex Hormozi says: “We need to be reminded more than we need to be taught.”

Remake a topic from a different angle. New viewers will appreciate the info. Old viewers won’t even remember videos from the past. Do this with your top performing content. And here you are.

You have much more content, limited research, lesser expenses and more earning!

5. Outsource your YouTube Channel

Well, here is the easy trick. Why would you put so much money, resources and efforts into something like this? How about taking an equity approach as an investor. What you can simply do is outsource your work to the companies or teams which offer to do your work. Of course, you will spend some bucks, but you will make much more.

The best part about YouTube is how hands off it can be. You can have videos made for $50 that can earn you $1,000s. There are many content creators who outsource their work to different companies and individuals through Fiverr, Upwork or other entities.

Similarly, there are companies handling YouTube content management and production for different clients across the globe. For example, Effiesoft offers you complete range of services including content creation, planning, video making and editing and complete management of a YouTube Channel to run your side hustle effortlessly.

Remember, it isn’t that difficult to earn $10,000 Every Month from YouTube Channel. Just think strategically and begin your journey!

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