How can you mine bitcoin on your phone?

How can you mine bitcoin on your phone

There is an increasing trend of bitcoin mining across the world as its price keeps increasing.

How can you mine bitcoin on your phone? This question is the most common for every tech person today. Bitcoin is raising its strength with every passing day. And resultantly, its price is also increasing to unimaginable levels. Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency, without a central bank or single administrator, that can be sent from user to user on the peer-to-peer bitcoin network without the need for intermediaries.

So the question arises. Which phones can you use to mine bitcoin? Or, how can you mine bitcoins on phone? The simple answer is that you can do it on pretty much all of them.

The problem is none of them are profitable. You will spend more on electricity than you will earn in Bitcoin. It’s literally cheaper to buy from an exchange than to try to get Bitcoin in this way.

A common bitcoin mining machine
A common bitcoin mining machine

ASIC Machines for Mining Bitcoin

The same applies not just to phones, but to any general-purpose hardware: phones, computers, and laptops, whatever. The only devices that can mine Bitcoin profitably are special-purpose ASIC miners. And even then, not everywhere. Because you still have to have relatively cheap electricity.

The above scenario only applies to Bitcoin. There are other cryptocurrencies where this isn’t necessarily the case. Of course, a phone is the correct answer for exactly none of them, but there are some that can be mined profitably on desktop GPUs and CPUs (and gaming laptops).

There are applications that mine something else, and then automatically exchange to Bitcoin for the payout (e.g. NiceHash). This is not exactly what we call “mining Bitcoin”. There are also applications that pay Bitcoin where you probably aren’t even mining anything (instead, you’re being paid for market research – they just take your private data, or show you ads, and give you some BTC in return). It also isn’t “mining Bitcoin,” rather they can be described as “faucets” (regardless of what they say in their app description or on their website).

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Best Phones for Mining Bitcoin

However, even then, if you’re interested in mining bitcoin on your phones. We recommend that you see the strength, capacity and its battery power also. It’s hard to tell which specific phones are powerful enough for Bitcoin mining, but these 15 smartphones have our attention:

1. Samsung Galaxy Note 5

2. ZTE Axon Pro™ with Limited Edition Ballistic Nylon Design and Freecel case (currently unavailable)

3. BLU R1 HD w/ 4G LTE & Safeguard Wrap Case by Spigen (#1 Best Seller on Amazon)

4. Kyocera Hydro Edge Fierce back plus Tempered glass screen protector [LIBERTY]

5. HTC Desire 626s 3GB RAM 32GB ROM 16MP Camera (Unlocked) – Saffron White ($429) or Millennial Jade Green ($429)

6. ANEWKODI 16GB Android 5.1 4G LTE Smartphone WiFi Mobile Cell Phone with Front/Back Camera Dual Core CPU, Toys Children Educational Game (#1 Best Seller on Amazon)

7. BLU Studio G HD LTE Unlocked 16GB (Black) ($129.99)

8. BLU Studio X 8.0 (Black) – Unlocked Quad-Core Android Phone with 13 MP Camera and 5″ HD Display ($127.95)

9. Lenovo A6020a40 (#1 Best Seller on Amazon)

10. HP Slate 7 1280×800 Tablet PC, Intel Atom Z3735G, 2GB RAM, 32GB ROM Tablet (Unlocked) – Plum ($40.00)

11. Acer Chromebook 15 CB5-571-C1DZ 15.6″ Screen Notebook Computer (2nd Gen Intel Core i3 4 GB Memory 32 GB eMMC SSD) (#1 Best Seller on Amazon)

12. Kindle Fire 8GB 7″ Tablet ($49.99)

13. BLU Life One X2 16GB Unlocked GSM Android Smartphone- Carbon Black (currently unavailable) –

14. Samsung Galaxy J7 SM-J700H Dual Sim Factory Unlocked Phone –Black (#1 Best Seller on Amazon)

15. GOOGLE Nexus 6 Unlocked Phone 32GB Graphite – Black 4G LTE +Carbon Fiber Skin ($229)


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