How can you manage Diabetes during Summer Season


Dehydration in the hot summer season will lead to the reduced blood supply

How can you manage Diabetes during Summer Season? We usually look cheered up when the summer season starts approaching. During summer, we can plan our trip, enjoy water sports and do various other fun related activities. People who are suffering from diabetes are highly sensitive to extremely hot and humid weather.

Hot weather can make it very difficult to control your blood sugar level. The diabetic people who are using insulin or those people whose blood sugar level is not effectively controlled, these people are at high risk of various complications during the summer season. On hot days, the blood sugar level of your body may go worse.

Sometimes, diabetes leads to various complications and lead to damage to sweat glands. If your sweat glands are affected, your body may not be able to produce sweat efficiently. Thus, it affects the natural cooling mechanism of your body and the summer season can wreak havoc.

Thus, diabetic people whose sweat glands affected are at high risk of heatstroke and heat exhaustion. High temperatures will also lead to damage to your medicines and testing machinery.

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How Extremely Hot Weather Can Affect Your Body? 

High heat will affect the blood sugar level of your body. If your body is producing an extreme level of sweat due to high heat and strenuous physical activity, the blood sugar level of your body will start rising due to dehydration. It will lead to frequent urination and increasing blood sugar level.

If a diabetic patient takes insulin, things will go worse. Dehydration in the hot summer season will lead to the reduced blood supply. Thus, it affects the ability of your body to absorb insulin. Ultimately, it will make the condition of diabetic patients worse.

Tips To Manage Blood Sugar Level During Summer 

1. Prevent Your Body From dehydration

Diabetic people should drink plenty of water to keep their bodies hydrated. Summer heat will lead to sweating and loss of water. Therefore, diabetic patients should drink water, healthy juices without sugar, and lemonade to maintain the good water and electrolyte level in the body.

Also, you should avoid prolonged exposure to extreme heat. You should install air conditioning Sydney at home and maintain the ideal temperature inside your house. If you want to go out, do not forget to carry your water bottles.

2. Adjust Insulin As Per Requirement

You should consult your diabetes educator and ask him/her to adjust the insulin level as per the requirement. Usually, the first doctor will pay attention to bringing your blood sugar level under control. Once the blood sugar level starts getting under control, you should adjust the insulin as per the need.

3. Frequent Test Your Blood Sugar Level

It is recommended that you should frequently do a blood sugar level test so that you can examine it. During the summer season, the blood sugar level tends to fluctuate significantly.

Therefore, you should frequently check the sugar level during the summer season. If you observe significant variation, immediately visit your doctors and ask for the right suggestion to keep your blood sugar level under control.

4. Maintain Essential Supplies

You should maintain essential supplies at your home to keep your blood sugar level optimum. Diabetic patients are at a high risk of variation in their blood sugar levels. Therefore, you should consider creating a kit in which you should place all the essential supplies.  

5. Always Carry Snack With You

You should never forget to carry snacks with you. Make sure that your snacks are healthy and help to bring the blood sugar level of your body are at a normal level. Diabetic should eat frequently and eat light. When it comes to choosing snacks, the diabetic patient should consult their dietician.

6. Maintain Required Stock Of Medicines And Supplies

The diabetic patient should take proactive steps and maintain essential medicines, insulin, glucagon kit, and various other important things that are required by diabetic people. Also, a diabetic patient should stay inside cool indoors and avoid extremely hot weather.

You should consider the installation of ducted air conditioning Sydney at home to maintain a cool atmosphere and ideal humidity level inside your home.

The diabetic people who take insulin should consider maintaining a stock of your supplies, especially during the summer season. In the hot summer season, you should consider using the long-lasting insulin. The long-lasting insulin will help you to stay active during the summer season.

7. Avoid Sunburn

Diabetic people should avoid going outside when the sun is high. Diabetic people are at high risk of sunburn. Sunburn will put extreme stress on your body and increase your blood sugar level instantly.

Therefore, people who are suffering from diabetes should avoid sun exposure. Also, diabetic people should apply sunscreen lotion before stepping outside of the house. You should also wear a hat and sunglasses.


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