Here is a list of French companies to avoid their products

List of French Companies

The cursed French President Macron is putting caricatures of Islam’s prophet in France which is a life and death matter for Muslims across the globe

Macron is one of the greatest enemy of mankind as he tries to infuriate the Islamic World

Here is a list of French companies to avoid their products. It’s important as the entire Muslim Ummah is calling for banning of products from France. It may be noted that the French President is promoting freedom of speech against Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and putting up caricatures of French buildings. Although, he promotes freedom of speech yet he cannot afford it on himself. Macron is calling his ambassador from Turkey as Mr. Erdogan is questioning Macron’s mental condition.

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The entire Muslim World is calling for banning of the French products in order to protest against Macron. Thus, here is a list of French companies whose products are selling globally.

Major French Energy Companies

Total S.A. (later Total) is an oil and gas giant headquartered in France and activating all over the world through its over 900 subsidiaries with 98,277 employees’ help. Total wears the title of one of the world’s “Supermajor” oil companies and the 2nd biggest liquefied natural gas company. It has ended the fiscal year of 2018 with impressive indicators: yearly income – $149.1B, total assets – $242.6B and profits – $8.6B.

L’Oréal S.A. (later L’Oréal) is a world-known personal care company from France, famous for its cosmetics. The company cares for the quality of its products, investing in the best laboratories and the most careful research.

Schneider Electric SE (later Schneider Electric) is one of the world’s most famous power management companies, established in the beginning of the 19th century, located in France and operating in more than 100 countries.

Sanofi S. A. (later Sanofi), French pharmaceuticals company, working internationally, was the 5th biggest company in the world by prescription sales in 2013 and still keeps its position among the world’s pharmaceuticals leaders with $40.8B as of 2018. The company consistently acquires new laboratories and medicine manufacturers, thus expanding its products and services range. The drugs the company produces cover 7 key therapeutic areas.

Orange S.A. (later Orange) is among the world’s top telecommunication companies – the 12th largest mobile network operator with over 256M customers. Orange employs 154,000+ professionals, 95,000 of them working in France, who managed to generate a revenue of $46.3B in 2018. The company is a member of the European TOP-4 largest mobile network operators. It owns mobile operators in 9 European countries, and the Orange brand name is licenced to operators from 5 countries in Europe.

Global French Brands

Christian Dior SE (later Dior) is one of the most well-known European luxury goods companies and the world’s fashion icons, it’s pret-a-porter and haute-couture collections being an object of adoration of fashion lovers all over the world. The company spent a successful financial year in 2018 with a yearly income of $49.2B and profits of $2.5M as a result of the work of 131,310 employees across multiple Dior assets around the globe.

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Although Groupe Renault (later Renault) is one of the biggest automotive manufacturers and retailers. The company’s effort has brought the incredible 52.5% profit growth and increased assets to $132B in 2018.

Peugeot, the French automotive giant with $69B assets as of 2018, holds five European Car of the Year awards. With its 177,757 professionals working at Peugeot plants across 4 continents and in multiple subsidiaries the company managed to reach a revenue of $73.5B in 2018 and increase the profit with 13.7%.

Carrefour S.A. (later Carrefour) is the leading retailer in France, operating a chain of over 12,300 self-service shops with 328,973 employees in 33 countries across Europe, Asia, Africa, Northern and Southern America – a truly international retail chain. The average annual revenue of Carrefour has grown with 4.8% compared to the previous financial year and currently is $91.3B (as of 2018).

Hermes is another luxury fashion brand in France with sales across the globe. It is also famous in most of the world for its branded products.

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