Corona cases increase as government lifts lock down

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Prime Minister Imran Khan announced to lift the lock down in phases starting from Saturday, May 9

Although, the increase in cases is not due to the decision exactly. But, it speaks volume of crisis and how things can worsen in future.

Corona cases increase as government lifts lock down. This is probably due to old infections during the lock down period. But, as these cases appear now, it reflects how things could be after next 14 days.

The Prime Minister states that the lock down is easing. He was briefing the nation about decision made in the meeting of National Coordination Committee (NCC). The decision reflects the context of economic condition of country and citizens, where both are suffering badly.

“We have already opened the construction sector and we are going to open others sectors related to the construction industry”, says PM Khan.

Prime Minister used to say earlier also that the government understands the need of poor people and will help them by providing facilities.

“Each sector is suffering with many difficulties at present. These include small traders, rickshaw and taxi drivers, as well as laborers, are facing great hardships due to the lock-down”, adds Prime Minister.

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Furthermore, PM Khan says, “We can’t afford to keep the country shut for a long time”. At the same time, the citizens also cannot afford it. Many businesses are shut down, and resultantly the daily wages workers are facing so many difficulties now a day.

Lock Down in Punjab

Since, Center announces to lift up the lock down, Punjab is also seconding center’s view and announces the same.

CM Buzdar in his address talks about the re-opening of markets under following SOP’s. The markets will remain open from Fajar prayer until 5 pm. All markets and shops have to take precautionary measures to ensure the safety of other citizens. Furthermore, these shops and markets shall remain closed for two days a week.

As Federal Government announces to lift up lock down by May 9, all shops and businesses will re-open gradually. The same is the case in Punjab.

Since in Ramadan, the business is at peak however, it has hit many businesses in the situation of pandemic. These particularly include textile industry, tailors, special stalls, barbers, and others. Thus, the decision to lift the lock-down will provide ease and support to acclaimed businesses, as they are directly hit by lock down.

However, educational institutions will remain closed as per orders. The Federal and Provincial Ministers also announced to extend the re-opening date of Schools, Colleges and Universities until July 15.

Examination of secondary and intermediate boards are also suspended by Federal and Provincial Governments. Moreover, the students of class 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th will be promoting to the next class on the basis of their previous results.

Lock Down in Sindh

On the other hand, Sindh Government seems undecided about lifting the lock down. Although, all provinces are following the Center’s orders but Sindh is taking long to follow the Center. Moreover, Sindh government is thinking to put restriction on the greeting of Eid by hugging.

Currently, it does not look alike that Sindh government will ease the lock down in coming days.

Since, the federal government is taking bold decisions, it is also seeking the support and precautions from citizens.

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