How does Fact-File verify information?The data on Fact-File is moderated by several individuals who are able to fact check any information. Moreover, the scientific information is verified by the technical experts. 

What is the purpose of Fact-File?Fact-File focuses on sharing factual information with its readers. In the current digital age, one of the serious challenges includes getting factual information on any topic, issue or information. Thus, it focuses to resolve this issue through provision of factual information. 

How is Fact-File different from Wikipedia?You must be knowing that anyone can enter or edit information on Wikipedia. It makes Wiki a doubtful source. Moreover, the wiki management is almost unreachable. Thus, Fact-File is changing the strategy by incorporating factual information through its verified users and creating reference checks at different levels. Its key members also plan to be fairly available to the readers for any queries and concerns. 

Why is a hyphen in Fact-File domain?The purpose of the hyphen is to separate and emphasize the “FACT” in the portal identity. 

What type of information is available on Fact-File?You can find every information regarding any topic on the portal. This includes profiles, data, sources, images, etc. 

How can I make my personal or organizational profile on Fact-File?You can make your personal profile on Fact-File by sharing your name and image with us. You need to provide some  information related to you publicly available for example university records if you claim to have done a degree. Moreover, you need provide your email address for confirming the profile. Additionally, the organizational profiles can be made on Fact-File through official email while sharing a link to About Us section of your organization. We will link the readers to your organization. For profiles, email us at

How is Fact-File a trusted source?Our fact checking policies are tougher than usual portals and we ensure that we publish verified information only. 

How can I contribute on Fact-File?We provide an opportunity to independent moderators, authors and editors to become part of our team in paid and voluntary roles. If you want to contribute to Fact-File, you may write to us at

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