EU unearths largest Indian network against Pakistan in 65 countries

Flags of India and Pakistan

The group was managing 265 pro-Indian websites operating across 65 countries

The report also claims utilization of hundreds of fake media outlets and the identity of a dead professor to target Pakistan and its interests

Several major international publications such as Reuters were also involved through fraudulent means

EU unearths largest Indian network against Pakistan in 65 countries. The report also claims India spent billions to discredit Pakistan via fake news. This report unearths a 15 year old operation run by an Indian entity which spent its resources to target Pakistan. The Indian disinformation campaign was running for over 15 years and it was using fake credentials entirely.

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It is one of the largest network the European Union NGO has ever seen. The disinformation campaign was being run by Srivastava Group from New Delhi. Its primary focus remains on discrediting Pakistan internationally. It also tries to influence decision making in the highest echelons of United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) and the European Union.

The report puts astonishing claims towards India. It says that it was resurrecting dead NGOs from around the world to portray itself as righteous. It would also use content by first producing the fake news and then bringing it to national media. Resultantly, the Western media outlets would also believe what they propagated.

Kashmir Cover-Up by India

The Srivastava Group was in limelight last year also. It was arranging a visit of far-right members of European Parliament to Indian Occupied Kashmir to help gain a better image for India after revocation of Kashmir’s special status as per the UN guidelines.

The group has connections to several major national and international news outlets including Reuters group through its Indian partner Asian News International (ANI).

The EU researchers found an entire network of NGOs having UN accreditation promoting Indian interests and criticizing Pakistan continuously. They would all push the same message against Pakistan in coordination. They would use messaging through think tanks and minority rights NGOs in Brussels and Geneva.

Indian Propaganda against Baluchistan

India has been using the Baluchistan card for years. Successive Pakistani governments blame India for putting unrest in Baluchistan through its proxies. Pakistani military also claims Indian involvement in the province causing huge damages. Rather, Pakistan has also arrested Indian agents and serving officials who were disguising as ordinary Pakistanis in Baluchistan. One of them, Kalbhoshan Yadev, is under arrest with charges of espionage even today.

This report further clears the Pakistani stance. It claims that India uses NGOs like European Organization for Pakistani Minorities (EOPM), South Asia Democratic Forum (SADF) and Baluchistan House were being led by Srivastava Group to speak against Pakistan. These NGOs were responsible for lobbying, organizing demonstrations and speaking at news conferences against Pakistan.

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