Dear Pakistanis, there is still time to protect yourself from Corona Virus disease

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People in Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bangladesh special message for all of you.

Italy reported its first two cases on 30 January Pakistanis .
Total of ONLY 4 cases on 21 February.
Total of 20 cases, on 22 Feb, the next day.
23 Feb (79),
24 Feb (150),
25 Feb (322),
26 Feb (400),
27 Feb (655),
28 Feb (888),
01 Mar (1577),
02 Mar (1835),
03 Mar (2263),
05 Mar (3858),
06 Mar (4636),
08 Mar (7375 – 366 deaths – Clampdown of northern Italy 16 million people),
09 Mar (9172 – 463 deaths – Countrywide lockdown)
10 Mar (10149 – 631 deaths)
11 Mar (12462 – 827 deaths)
13 Mar (15000 -1400 deaths)
Look at this. From just 4 cases 25 days back…..

One of the main reasons is said to be the delay in enforcing restrictions in Italy. After China, Now it is fully blown up epidemic in Italy & it is moving to other European countries as declared by WHO. This is third stage in Italy & Europe & second stage in USA.

In India/Pakistan, we are passing through 1st stage and 2nd stage is very near. China has shown the way to the world. This epidemic is controlled by precautions as there is no medicine available. Next 30 days are very crucial. We must follow the precautions & remain home as much as possible. We can defeat the virus by taking precautions suggested by WHO & remaining at home.


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