Best Sports Games for Android and iOS

mobile sports game

Sports games give you an opportunity to feel what playing a real-life sport is like.

Best Sports Games for Android and iOS. Sports games resemble sports in real life, but you can be any athlete you want and create your own team. Sports betting has become a lot more widespread in recent years. Moreover, Sports fans can make a lot of money by betting on sports. You can find promo codes for betting sites to help you start betting on your favorite athletes. 

There are a number of games you can start playing if you want to play mobile sports games while you wait for the results. They work both on Android and iOS.

Sports games give you an opportunity to feel what playing a real-life sport is like. Here are some wonderful sports games for you to enjoy:

FIFA Mobile 22

One of the top sports games available for Android. It represents the most naturalistic football experience you can have on mobile. In this game, you are both a player and a manager.

You can choose the players and formations you want to use. The in-app store allows you to upgrade your team by buying items from it. There will be a series of instructions which you should pass to get the best experience, especially if you are new to soccer.

Madden NFL 22 Mobile Football

This game is one of the best for iOS, and is available on Android, too. Madden NFL has one of the best managerial styles in football games and gives an overall authentic experience.

The goal of the game is to build your team and get to the top of the charts. You can purchase effective players or watch real matches to find qualified players and pick out the players you think might play better on your team. Then you can compete against the best teams and try to beat them.

If you win against opponents, you move up the rankings. Madden NFL lets you create your football team and lead them to victory. 

MLB Perfect Inning

Before MLB Perfect Inning, baseball was overlooked by most gamers. However, this game brought it to mobile devices.

With the improved graphics of MLB, it feels like you are actually playing the game itself. Here, you can lead your team to victory.

You can also exchange players, sell them to raise money, and learn ways how to win matches. MLB Baseball Inning is a great game to enjoy with your friends.


You probably know about NBA Jam if you’re a veteran of gaming. This classic has aged well. Developers regularly introduce updates to the game. It’s easy to play NBA Jam,  the rules and controls are quite intuitive. 

The game focuses primarily on teamwork and your effectiveness as a basketball shooter. NBA Jam is a 90s game that can rival even the current sports games.

Real Boxing 2

Real Boxing 2 requires you to train your fighter from the beginning and fight to the top. Challenge super champions to take their place at the top. To do this, you need to beat the bosses with gears to become fully geared, too.

You can purchase special attacks and abilities at the in-app store and use them to compete with other real players online. Real Boxing 2 gives you a naturalistic boxing feel. You have to fight to become the champion.

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Bike Unchained 2

One of the top games for iOS and Androids. In Bike Unchained 2, as in any BMX game, you will race against opponents, and do stunts between races.

You can change your character and bikes to your own liking. The in-app store sells those customizations. The Bike Unchained graphics give you a real-life experience.


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