Best Indian Startups of 2021

Best Indian Startups of 2021

The epidemic has pushed the global digital revolution. The economy was severely harmed by unexpected changes, which resulted in a technological boom. During the crisis, industries and businesses began aggressively embracing disruptive technology to sustain agility and commercial growth. There are some best Indian startups of 2021 which helped to strengthen the country’s economy.

According to the YourStory research, India now has the world’s third-largest number of businesses with 38 unicorns. An increase in startups has resulted from a greater reliance on the digital economy. These digital solution providers have helped organizations expand and accelerate their digital transformation.

Best Indian Startups of 2021

Let’s take a look at the Best Indian Startups of 2021 in the country.


The education technology business has risen to the top of India’s start-up list, with a valuation of $21 billion. Byju Raveendran, a former teacher, launched the Bangalore-based startup in 2008. In 2015, it developed Byju’s learning app, which provides individualized learning programs for students in grades 1 through 12. It also aids applicants of competitive exams such as JEE, IAS, and others in their preparation. According to the company, there are 50 million students registered and 3.5 million paid subscribers. It is one of the best Indian startups of 2021.


Dunzo is a Bengaluru-based all-in-one internet delivery platform. It claims round-the-clock super-fast deliveries. Google-funded Dunzo in a recent USD40 million fundraising round. In Bangalore, Pune, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, New Delhi, Chennai, and Mumbai, Dunzo offers hyper-localized delivery services.


Jumbotail is similar to a Pakistani startup called Tajir in many ways but on a far greater scale. The Jumbotail was formed in 2015 to better supply India’s thousands of mom-and-pop food businesses (known as “Kirana stores”).

Previously, these retailers could only purchase things from a limited catalogue, delivery could take a month or more, and owners were given no support other than merchandise to help them thrive or develop their businesses.

In addition to offering a large selection and quick delivery, it also provides financing to these local businesses based on the company’s unique understanding of their sales and inventory.

Jumbotail raised $11 million in a Series B round of funding in October 2020, and I’m looking forward to seeing the firm grow significantly in 2021. Right now it is one of the best Indian startups of 2021.


Airmeet is a virtual events platform that caters to event planners, marketers, community builders, and businesses. Airmeet’s scalable platform supports a range of virtual event formats like fairs, expos, meetings, workshops, summits, town halls, and more, with the main focus on providing an interactive and immersive virtual events platform for knowledge professionals.

Avatar Me is a 3D AI company that helps big businesses build immersive and engaging shopping experiences for their customers. The goal of Avataar is to close the gap between offline and online encounters by replacing current 2D visuals with life-size and hyper-realistic 3D XR/AR experiences.


Tradex is a New Delhi-based Indian firm that was launched in 2021. The company is a fintech company that offers its users a market trading platform that uses forecasts to help them make trades based on their ideas, and they may receive rewards for making correct predictions.

Since its inception, the company has gone through a Seed Funding round for 70 million Indian rupees. A group of nine investors contributed to this round of funding and the total investment, expecting to make TradeX a force to be reckoned with for years to come.


Unschool offers online courses in Technology, Management, and Art taught by over 200 industry leaders (known as mentors). It’s a marketplace model that’s a cross between MasterClass and Teachable.

Since February, subscribers, and revenue have increased by over tenfold!

Unschool is a new company (established in 2019), but it arrived at the ideal time to profit from the pandemic’s increased desire for online learning. In 2021, I wouldn’t be surprised if they raised a significant seed round!

Best Indian Startups of 2021


Razorpay, India’s first full-stack financial solutions company, offers a diverse product portfolio to meet digital payment requirements. The company was started in 2014 by IIT Roorkee grads. Razorpay offers comprehensive business solutions based on cutting-edge technology.


According to founder and CEO Falguni Nayar, the company wants to more than treble its brick-and-mortar stores to 300, greatly increasing its offline footprint in the country. Nykaa is primarily an e-commerce platform that sells everything from international cosmetic brands to jewellery, but Ms Nayar said the physical stores, which cater to Indian consumers who want to touch and feel things, are an important part of the business.

Unbox Robotics

Unbox Robotics is an Indian firm situated in Bangalore, India, which was formed in 2019. The company wants to improve the efficiencies and profitability of logistics operations by implementing AI-powered warehouse robot solutions. With this technology, businesses will be able to optimize their order processes.

The company has already gone through seven rounds of startup funding since its inception. The company has been able to gain the backing of twenty-two investors throughout these seven rounds of fundraising, resulting in a total of $9.1 million raised since its inception.

OYO Rooms

OYO Rooms, which was founded in 2013, is currently worth $9.6 billion. The Gurugram-based firm operates a virtual hospitality brand in India, pooling inexpensive hotels and guesthouses and making their inventory available for internet booking to travellers. The startup connects the availability of economy rooms in India with internet demand, making it a popular way for millennials to book hotels.


OneDios is an Indian startup situated in Noida, India, that was formed in 2019. The company makes money by providing a platform for customers to aggregate their demands. This means that firms that use their platform will be able to better their sales and marketing strategies by incorporating client input and requirements.

The company has only received one round of seed funding since its inception, in January 2022. The company received assistance from a total of five investors in this round of fundraising, allowing it to raise $1.2 million in starting capital.


PharmEasy, which was started in 2015, has been on a meteoric rise, which has only been hastened by the pandemic. The company sells prescription and over-the-counter medications, diagnostic tests, and just about anything else you’d find in a drugstore, plus a lot more.

PharmEasy became a necessary service in 2020, and I anticipate that in 2021, along with competitors like 1mg, they’ll enjoy even more spectacular growth. More and more Indians will use these companies in their daily lives by 2021.


Cashfree is a payment and banking technology startup based in India that helps businesses collect payments and make payouts online. More than 50000 businesses rely on Cashfree for payment collections, the vendor pays, wage payouts, and quick loan disbursements. Leading internet companies such as Cred, BigBasket, Zomato, HDFC Ergo, Ixigo, Acko, Zoomcar, and Delhivery are among Cashfree’s customers.

Best Indian Startups of 2021


Classplus is a mobile-first SaaS platform that allows private coaching institutes to centralize video distribution, payments, communication, and online exams. The Classplus arose from a desire to reimagine classroom involvement in the United States. The duties of a tutor should be streamlined, the learning curves of children should be personalized, and parents should be kept informed at all times.


Groyyo is an Indian startup situated in Haryana, India, that was formed in the year 2021. The company has developed a B2B manufacturing and automation system. This allows enterprises in this area to increase their operational efficiencies, which has a favourable influence on their bottom lines.

The company has had a single Seed Funding round since its inception in January 2022. Seven investors participated in this round of investment, including angels and institutions. Groyyo has received $4.6 million in funding from these backers.


Drishti is an AI-powered video analytics company that delivers visibility and insights for improving human assembly lines. TheDrishti is an AI-powered video analytics company that delivers visibility and insights for improving human assembly lines. Its training function employs artificial intelligence (AI), video, and best practices reinforcement to train new employees, cross-train existing employees, and identify “brilliant outliers,” or creative line associates who excel in specific roles or come up with new ways to improve standardized work.

Zest Money

It is one of India’s largest consumer lending fintech firms. Zest money was created in 2015 and allows clients without credit cards to pay for online and offline purchases in cheap EMIs. To make money, the company uses mobile technology, artificial intelligence, and digital banking.


Lahori is an Indian startup that was created in 2021 and is situated in Mohali, India. The business makes money by selling a variety of beverages directly to consumers. These beverages are healthier than many other options on the market.

The company has only had one investment round since its inception, in January 2022. This round of funding aided the company in attracting the attention of a single investor who has invested $15 million in Lahori.


Shipsy is a comprehensive software suite that uses actionable information to help logistics and supply chain firms improve operational efficiency and service levels. The platform takes advantage of your organization’s current data to offer you crucial business insights, allowing you to make better business decisions. Shipsy uses scalable machine learning models to enable real-time data processing and offer live notifications.

Above are the best Indian Startups of 2021 which are worthy to know. These businesses not only survived but thrived throughout the pandemic, growing at a breakneck pace by meeting and exceeding client expectations.


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