Aggressive Dogs at the White House

Aggressive Dogs at the White House

After the junior of the two German shepherds engaged in an attacking incident with a White House Security Agent on Monday. US President Joe Biden returned his two aggressive dogs back to their family home in Wilmington, Delaware.

Aggressive Dogs at the White House

The sources identified a “biting accident” affecting a security serviceman without indicating whether the individual was hurt. But the incident was seen as justifiable to transfer to the Bidens home last week in Wilmington, where both dogs, even Champ, 13, had lived.

Joe Biden’s German Shepherds

Three-year-old Major, whom Biden and his wife Jill had acquired from animal shelters in November 2018, showed attack on White House personnel and guards, including climbing, barking, and attacking.

Champ, who is almost 12 years old, “has weakened physically because of his older age,” reports U.S. Media. Soon after Biden had been appointed Vice President, he was adopted as a pet in 2008. Since the Dog of Obamas Bo, the dog is the first one to enter the White House. Donald Trump was the first American president not to have a pet dog in one century, who felt that having a dog might be “affected.”

History of Pets at the White House

If we forget for a second about the aggressive dogs at the White House, the building has a long history of animal inhabitants. Here’s a look at what we have learned about the dogs at the White House.

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Macaroni – The Pony

Not only cats and dogs hold the appreciated “first animal” tag. Birds, hamsters and even ponies were also present.

Macaroni was a gift from Lyndon B Johnson to John F Kennedy’s daughter Caroline.

The pony had normally stable in Virginia, but sometimes went to the White House to wander the land.

In a seeming attempt to eat the flowers she was carrying, according to the Presidential Pet museum Jackie Kennedy was visiting the Empress of Iran, Farah Pahlavi.

Macaroni became popular, got fan letters and even appealed to the front of the magazine, like other presidential pets.


Franklin D Roosevelt’s favourite Scottish Terrier Fala is one of the most renowned white house dogs.

In 1940 Fala’s cousin gave Mr Roosevelt and he was called after a Scottish ancestor by the US president Murray the Outlaw of Falahill.

According to the Franklin D Roosevelt President’s Library and Museum, Fala had put a bone on the President’s snack tray every morning and had to have an assistant named him to address his fan mail.


A terriers mix named Yuki was President Lyndon B Johnson’s beloved puppy.

Mr Johnson’s daughter Luci, as per the Presidential Pet Museum website, discovered Yuki in 1966 at a gas station in his home state of Texas, and collected details on White House animals.

As a birthday gift that year, Luci brought the dog to Mr. Johnson. From joining meetings to swimming out, the couple did enjoy everything.

Beazley and Barney

President George W Bush was a custodian of 2 Scottish Terriers known as Miss Beazley and Barney.

The dogs were seen in videos of “A Very Beazley Christmas” and “A Barney Cam” from the White House.

Bush called Miss Beazley “a source of pleasure” and said that he and Barney enjoyed the outside.

Buddy and Socks

During his tenure as president, Bill Clinton had a Labrador chocolate, named Buddy, along with a cat called Socks.

The pair also struggled and they were nicknamed by the New York Times.

Mr Clinton told journalists in 2000 that when his wife was gone, occasionally Buddy slept next to him.

Hillary Clinton has written a book on the two creatures, known as Dear Socks, Dear Buddy, which features kid’s notes and background on the relationship and the behaviours.

Sunny and Bo

During the Barack Obama administration, Portuguese Dogs Bo and Sunny were occupants of the White House.

Obama said to his daughters as he proclaimed victory, “You have won the new dog who comes with us to the White House.”

Bo was provided by Senator Ted Kennedy in 2009 as a present to Obama’s kids, while Sunny arrived in August 2013.

Bo, who has a white chest and his forepaws, and the all-black sunny, have proved quite common.

The Final Word

Major is the first rescue dog to reside in the White House since Biden arrived in January. When — or whether — the dogs were allowed back, it was not entirely clear.


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