Pakistan breaks China’s record; built hospital in six days

Beds placed for corona patients in emergency hospital made in six days in Sialkot, Pakistan

Pakistan response is much better than most of the Western and developed countries Pakistan breaks China’s record and built hospital in six days, but not many know it. The administration in Sialkot converts the Hockey Stadium into a 200 bed hospital. The new setup is in place within a short period of time. READ: Be […]

Ramadan starts on Saturday 25th April, says Fawad

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The issue of Start of Ramadan remains controversial for years in Pakistan Several cities in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province begin Ramadan and celebrate Eid a day earlier than rest of the country Ramadan starts on Saturday 25th April, says Fawad. The Federal Minister for Science and Technology has given a statement that the moon for Ramadan […]